From the Diaries of Valino El-Dallomati
The 2nd day of Kythorn in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

For now there is time to rest, though I know not how long it will last. These past two days have been hard for all, particularly the townsfolk. The journey across the seas was rough. The waters close to the mainland almost seemed to want to keep us at bay, trying to prevent us at long last carrying the beacon of light and civilisation back to world. Privately I welcomed these signs; they tell me the mainland will be hard to win.

There will no doubt be many a battle to be raged in our quest, and I, a devotee of the Lord of Battles, will be there at the forefront. The other Priests and Clerics are followers of Pelor. They will be vital, his light will surely be needed to push back the long dark that has cloaked this land, and His healers will be in high demand, but it will be Kord’s name that will be remembered in the history books as the power that re-took the mainland for the freefolk.

These first days have been punctuated with skirmishes with Goblins. It came as little surprise that we came under attack so soon after making landfall. Their black arrows came out of the forests in droves. But these beasts are cowardly when confronted, and we drove them away.

The first task was to construct some, indeed any, form of defendable camp, here just off the beach. We sent wood-cutters under heavy guard to chop down the first trees. These were quickly cut into strong thick logs from which sturdy lean-tos were constructed. These, as well as forming rudimentary shelter from the frequent rains, provided a solid wall for the townsfolk to hide behind if attacked. Round about these we pitched simple tents, hauling barrels of mead and crates of salted, dried meats and fruit off from the ship. The farm animals remain on the ship for now.

As I look about the camp now, even after the attacks, and the first loss of life, I see determination in the freefolk’s eyes. They know pulling back now would be such a loss, they know we are now dug in. They want to make this happen. It fills me with joy to see such determination burning within them, their willingness to stand in the face of harm and death and to fight. I had feared our small number of capable fighters might not be able to protect them if heavily pressed, even with the support of the Pelorite Clerics, but I see now that the ordinary folk here would fight with anything to hand to win.

I guess those that stood up and volunteered to come on this great expedition knew what awaited them. They knew the real danger and hardship we would face. They would have needed that adventurer’s spirit to even set foot upon the ship. We will succeed. Where previous attempts to retake the land have failed, we will succeed.

Though I keep such feelings to myself, I am filled with great excitement. Here, on the very edge of the wilderness, with simple tents and fortifications I feel so alive. There are no real comforts here, no soft beds, no castles to hide inside. Just us, our skills and the natural resources about us. Perhaps this is why I grow so restless when everything is known, and safe, why I take every chance like this that presents itself. The chance of adventure and battle in the name of Kord. But as I said, I of course keep such thoughts to myself.

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