From the Diaries of Valino El-Dallomati
The 4th day of Kythorn in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

It is almost too good to be true, if what the scouts say is accurate. Not far inland, almost due east of this very spot, they came upon ruins. It seems long ago there was a castle, or temple there. They report there are still some low walls and an abundance of stone. Best of all, the main ruin is raised above the surrounding land, and has a defensive moat almost all the way around. It is as if Kord Himself has provided us with the perfect location on which to build a more permanent outpost.

Questions remain, however. I spoke at length with Tremak about whether it would be correct to use the stone of the ruins to help construct such an outpost. In the end we agreed that the souls of those who once lived there would want us to retake the place. The other point of note was the lack of habitation. We well know that Goblins inhabit this area, why has this place not been used by them? The scouts reported no sign of anything other than forest animals. No other tracks, no signs of campfires, nothing. It’s almost too good.

Lastly there is the ‘Crypt’, as the scout described it. It stands upon a hill just outside of the main ruins, surrounded by an iron fence and seemingly untouched. What God looks over it? Could it be the reason the Goblins stay clear? I am keen to get there myself to feel for any evil presence.

Plans are underway to move our whole number to the ruins as soon as possible. Captain Abraham has already set out back to the West in The Guiding Fire with a skeleton crew, so there is no further shelter to be had there. Captain Barghest and I will travel to the ruins ourselves tomorrow to see the place first hand.

We will also have their expert woodcutters, Morpeth and Kimbel Drax, accompany us. The Captain wishes for them to again cut trees and make the first shelters and defences as soon as possible. Though it seems the Goblins stay away, who knows what other presence may lurk there. Untold numbers died in the Great Collapse. Not all will have found their peace.

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