From the Diaries of Valino El-Dallomati
The 8th day of Kythorn in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

Indeed this place is almost too perfect. Much of the central area is protected by the moat, and a steep banking. The entry-way will be easy to fortify. There is enough space to construct a small town or keep. Eventually, the land around the moat can be cleared of trees as well. For now, however, all buildings will be in the central area.

It seems this was once a temple or monastery. It was roughly circular in design. Here and there a few trees have taken root, most notably a great Oak hanging over a small plaza, with stone benches around its edge. This great tree must have been here since before the Collapse. Throughout the day the townsfolk sit in this plaza making themselves busy, crafting simple tools and weaving together sheets of leather and hide for more tents.

The Crypt looks over the whole area. Beltak and I ventured up there two days past. It is sealed and quiet. Long grasses and vines covered the graves and tombs in its grounds. He and his priests intend to clear it and keep it neat and tended. Any inscriptions on the tombs have long since weathered away. We will leave this place alone. No stones nor iron from the fence will be taken. This place is at peace. So it shall remain.

There is one other area that caused some debate. A single stone and iron grate covers some form of sewer shaft. There must be at least a small network of stonework of some description beneath us. No sounds have been heard, and the grating and lid is very well sealed. It is a heavy piece that seems not to have been moved in hundreds of years, as one would expect. Again, this will be left alone for now.

Already, simple defences are in place. We have pitched some larger tents in the innermost area, inside a circular stone pathway. We have, where possible, used existing walls to store things against as much as possible. One of the first things to go up was a simple pen for the animals. We were able to move them here with us, but it has been difficult to keep them together. They are also proving handy in clearing the long grasses that cover the area.

At night we keep the number of campfires to three, again these are in the centre of the ruins near an old broken fountain. We patrol the edge of the ruins though the night, following the path we have already marked out for a stockade. We can live in tents and simple wooden shelters for weeks if necessary, as all the wood we cut for now will go right into creating the stockade and defences for the entrance way.

The Pelorites have cleared a small area to the southwest and erected a small totem to Pelor there. They are pleased the ruins are raised above the surrounding land, as it gives them a good clear view of the rising sun above the forests to the east. For myself, I have thrust a Greatsword into the earth. That will be all the shrine Kord needs here for now.

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