From the Diaries of Valino El-Dallomati
The 27th day of Kythorn in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

There has been no communication with the Islands, but no-one seems to mind so much. Things are developing with great pace. Our craftsfolk have erected a number of simple dwellings that protect us from the rains far better than our tents have done. The stockade is over half complete, and I must confess work on it has greatly slowed. It seems to have become less and less of a priority. Ordinarily I would not let this happen, but even I find myself agreeing, for once, with Captain Barghest, that permanent buildings are what are needed most of all right now.

There has not been a sighting of a Goblin in weeks. None have been sighted from here. Whatever they fear seems to protect us better than any stockade could. I, however, am keen for us not to let our guard down, they are cunning enough to be watching and letting us think we have a foothold, to expend energy and resources making something here, only for them to sweep in by the hundred and wipe it all away. Such an act would be a morale wound perhaps more critical than any physical blow they could land. Of course, we never saw them in great numbers. Perhaps they are but a small clan. Could it be that we have already succeeded?

Most impressive of all we have achieved is Caldring and Kaden Small’s forge! It is simple yet elegant, and open to the air. Yet already metalworks are flowing from it.

The Pelorites have started to get up my nose. Tremak practically demanded a large shrine to Pelor be constructed right away. This will use up valuable stone. The Hillfolk have scouted around the local wilderness for good spots to begin a mine, but that could be months away. I am unhappy with the idea of so much stone being used for something that is not essential, regardless of what they might say. Still the decision is not mine and it seems they will get their shrine. I must say Barghest is getting up my nose as well, but I’ll not say more on that right now.

Although we brought with us a great deal of preserved meats, food will become a concern. For now our cattle will be used to make milk and cheeses, and not be consumed. Under guard, the townsfolk have been gathering what food the forest provide. It is good but it cannot beat red meat off the bone!

However, we have a plan!

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