From the Diaries of Valino El-Dallomati
The 2nd day of Flamerule in the Year of the Ruins Reborn

Today has been a day of great celebration. Our plan proved most effective. All the Priests and Clerics came together for a great group casting. Though it was made in Pelor’s name, they had the decency to also offer a prayer to Kord.

We stood in a huge ring over by where their shine is taking shape. The rest of the Folk stood about us in great excitement. Only the newly nominated council knew what we were going to do. When the ritual was over, the chanting had stopped and the glow of magic had subsided, there in the centre of the ring was a feast, fit for an army of one hundred. The Folk were amazed and delighted. Everyone will eat well this day, and there is enough to replenish our stores for weeks. We have already begun drying and curing meats.

Drink, on the other hand is more of a problem. There is a great lake to the southeast; from it we have an endless supply of water. Two small boats are being made with the aim to fish the lake for additional food. There is also the matter of the island that can just be made out though the perpetual mists that seem to cling to its surface.

As for wine and ales there is precious little. True, some was created in our casting but it will not last. Skillet, an irritating member of the Smallfolk has requisitioned some now empty barrels. With them he declares he will begin to brew beverages of his own. The Dwarves are keen to help also. I wish him luck though I think he will fail.

As well as the small boats, plans are being made to make a boat house by the lake edge. I must say I am in opposition to this. For now I feel everything must be kept within the protection of the stockade. Worst still is mention of people wanting to make dwellings outside of the stockade! They cite the total lack of Goblin or indeed and other dangerous activity. This is madness, and I will do whatever I can to prevent it. If any such building was erected outside our defences and was subsequently attacked, we would have to come to its aid and the stockade would be for nothing.

One thing that will need to be made outside of the ‘town’, as people are already calling it, is a mine. The Hillfolk have continued their expeditions to find a good source of stone that is near, and it seems that have found a very promising site. To the north, and a little way to the West, there is a range of small hills, with a good deal of cliff-face. They are talking of cutting a tunnel, or two, into these cliffs.

We are hoping The Guiding Fire, ladened with supplies, and perhaps more importantly more people, will soon arrive. They are going to wait until it does arrive before starting this project.

Tomorrow, an attempt to magically communicate with the Islands will be attempted. It has never been possible to scry the mainland from the Islands, though it is not known why. Lucius Drax has warned he expects whatever is preventing remote viewing may also prevent remote communication as well.

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