From the Diaries of Valino El-Dallomati
The 8th day of Flamerule in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

Our good spirits were lifted still higher a few days ago when sails were sighted out on the Western Seas. The Guiding Fire was back once again.

Our attempt to contact the Islands via magical means failed, as we feared it may, but here was the chance to see how the news of our success so far was received back home, and a chance to send more news their way.

A large party of us greeted Captain Abraham and members of his brave crew who came ashore in boats. They had The Guiding Fire well stocked. News of Blackengorge, as the council have named our new village, has been greeted with great celebration on the Islands. Long into the night did we jest and joke with the good Captain and his men on how they have become heroes, stealing all our glory.

But not all the news was good. The Captain span a grim tail of striped sails and mighty horned beasts cutting through the waves on their journey home across the sea. Some on the Islands fear we are drawing attention to the Islands themselves, which have been left mostly undisturbed for centuries. They fear if the existence of civilization becomes known to some faction or power of sufficient might, it may well be the final, long delayed, chapter in the Downfall.

We had hoped that with the knowledge that a foothold on the mainland had finally been achieved, there may now be numerous ships making the crossing – hundreds of folk would come. Other outposts would be founded along the coast nearby, and the first simple roads constructed. The construction of a keep would signal the final success in this first stage of retaking the lands. This, I swear, will still come to pass. But, for now we must continue to fend for ourselves.

This possibility was contemplated before we set out. Though it will make progress slow, and everyone is now required to help out more than ever before, we are quite capable of being self-sufficient. More houses are near completion, we have good high wooden lookout towers around the perimeter. The boathouse will go ahead and fishing will begin soon. The Dwarves are making ready to cut the first tunnel of their mine to the north.

The turn around for The Guiding Fire was quick. In but a few short days they set out once more across the sea. The Captain was confident the go-ahead for more ships would be given and when we saw him again if would be in escort of galleons ladened with Folk.

One final point of note. One of the Folk who came ashore from the Fire was Laird Jason Henrikson. Laird Henrikson is a well known figure in the Councils on the Islands. He has himself funded the building of two castles and his word carries good weight. Though advancing in years he is a giant of a man, towering over most. He was a strong supporter for making this latest try for the mainland.

At first we assumed he was our first tourist, something both Captain Barghest and I would not have time nor patience for. Thus, it was with great shock that we heard the news that he wanted to join the Militia! A man of his wealth and influence wanted to take up the role of taking commands and guarding our fledgling settlement.

Barghest and I talked this over at length. All told, more guards is a good thing, news of this would create just as much of a stir on the Islands as it did here, and that could work in our favour. Though I know little of his motivations or personality, he is regarded as an honourable man. But… this is a strange move.

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