From the Public Annals of the Church of Pelor.
Transcribed by Beltak, Scribe to His Radiant Servant, Tremak the Plush.
The 10th day of Flamerule in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

It is nearly a week since The Guiding Fire left us and headed back to the Islands. They brought us some fresh faces, new guards to be drilled by Sergeant Valino, as well as important metals and ores.

The dwarves Fafnir and Hannarr have been working hard to take the stone from the ruined fort and make sturdy homes for us. As father and son, they don’t always see eye to eye – Fafnir has been shaking his head at the stone from the fort, although he won’t tell anyone what the problem is. Probably not up to dwarven standard. Godric Lowfield has been helping them out. He’s only a young lad, not out of his teens yet, but he’s getting stronger day by day, carrying huge blocks of stone or moving rubble where Fafnir demands.
We’ll have solid shelter soon, rather than the tents and marquees we have set up.

Tymander Small has taken the largest marquee under his control and stacked all of the provisions in strong barrels and storage chests.

“It’s important to have a thriving economy,” he says. Repeatedly.

There are two or three people acting as merchants already – controlling the flow of the provisions. His Radiant Servant Tremak rightly pointed out that the Church would be in the best position to allocate and distribute the provisions, but it seems that at the Town Council meeting it was decided that a barter system should be put in place, with Tymander controlling the stock. Even Skillet, the smallest halfling of the lot, has started selling wares. From somewhere he produced a full brewing kit, Pelor knows where, and has ales and spirits prepared.

Barghest has the guards in training every day. When they’re not helping erect defensive walls, or helping shift huge stone blocks for the dwarves, they’re marching up and down or having weapon practice. Valino drives them mercilessly, and we’re often called to help heal minor wounds or lesions where the practice swords have left bad bruising along a bone.

The Drax family are already managing one of the woods nearby. With Jacob and his sister Isabella hunting and trapping wild animals for food and furs, and brother Kimbel and father Morpeth making sure the correct lumber is brought into town, they’ve got plenty of goods to barter with.

The Lowfields and the Greenwoods have managed to plough some of the flatland between the town and the beach and get plants ready for next harvest. With a good return next year there’ll be plenty of food to go round.

Caldring has started to set up her smithy, albeit just a tent, an anvil, and a stone furnace. With all the hinges, bolts and other tools we need she’s barely got time to sit down, and Kaden Small, Tymander’s son, has started his apprenticeship to help.

Everyone in the town is pulling together, and under the influence and protection of Pelor I’m sure we will thrive.

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