From the Private Annals of the Church of Pelor.
Transcribed by Beltak, Scribe to His Radiant Servant, Tremak the Plush.
The 2nd day of Eleasias in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

Thank Pelor! Brand and Fortune are both safe. Cold and hungry, perhaps, but they’re safe and more or less unharmed.

As Fortune skipped into the woods on Midsummer night the rains began to fall. She headed off towards the deeper forest where the trees might give her some more cover. As the first lightning bolt had struck she heard the growl of a bear. Unsure of what to do, she had headed away from the growl, and started to call out softly for Brand, hoping that he wouldn’t stumble out in front of the bear.

As she ran further into the forest, away from where she believed the bear to be, she tripped over a hard stone and twisted her ankle. She looked back to see what she had stumbled over, and found it to be a large shaped rock, jutting out of the undergrowth. She could see more as she looked about, whitish rocks reflecting the lightning glare in the gloom.

One of the rocks was larger than the others, and was slightly tilted, offering shelter, so Fortune sat underneath it, keeping out of the rain. She could still hear the growls of a bear, and the occasional padding of large paws through the undergrowth. Then, to her relief, she saw Brand stumble past, also tripping over one of the stones.

She called out to him softly – surprised, but with a look of utmost relief that he had found her, Brand came and sat next to her. The bear was prowling nearby, Brand had indicated, and he had feared that Fortune had been attacked. It was getting closer, and the pair had nowhere to run.

By now their eyes were adjusted to the gloom in the woods, and looking around at the stones they noticed they were not in a natural formation, but looked as though they had been placed. Jutting up, out of the undergrowth, they were arranged in a circle, with a shallow mound in the middle, covered by vines and brambles.

They could both see the bear, now, prowling outside the stone circle, but it never crossed into the inside of the stones. Something was keeping it out.

The pair stayed where they were most of the night, until the bear had given up on them, never entering the circle. When it seemed clear, they headed back to town, Fortune leaning on Brand to protect her sore ankle.

Valino and a couple of guards set out to find the stone circle, and to see what is there in daylight, and Jacob Drax and his sister Isabella set about hunting the bear.

From what I hear, the stone circle is ancient and covered in thick vines and brambles, and it will take some time for the guards to cut the undergrowth back. Jacob and Isabella have found what they think is the bear’s lair, but there is no sign of the actual creature yet.

These incidents and new findings remind us how much we still don’t know about our surroundings. Barghest, Captain of the Guards, believes he needs more men to be able to completely investigate and map the area, but cannot do so at the moment without fear of leaving the town undefended.

Until we get more soldiers, or enough people willing to explore and map the local surroundings, we are at the mercy of the unknown.

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