Blackengorge Watch Report dated the 2nd day of Eleint in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.
Report made by Darvid Avanti
Reason for report – Disappearance of Fernand Cooper

Town guards Cooper, Breerdon and myself had decided to go do some hunting in Deepdale. This were about two week ago. We’d been at it fer about three hours when we saw this huge stag. We tried to approach as careful as we could but he must have caught scent of us, bolting away. All three of us gave chase, futile as it were.

Breerdon and me got tired pretty quick like but Cooper kept on ‘im. Wasn’t long ’til we’d lost Cooper as well. We must have searched for another two hours but the light was fading fast, and, as the Drax family keep telling us, it ain’t safe when the moon arrives.

We came back to Blackengorge, and waited in hope of his return. In the early ‘ours of the morning, Cooper returned to our lodging. All excited he was. Kept telling us of how he’d found this glade and how beautiful it were. Said that something wonderful was there and that we should see fer ourselves.

So, off we went into Deepdale to find Cooper’s glade. Find it we did and sure enough, it is something lovely like. Nice as it is, we didn’t see anything ‘amazing’ like the way Cooper was describing. He seemed quite disheartened but then perked up saying that maybe it only happened at night.

For the next few nights Cooper kept going back, but every morning he’d return saying that “It hadn’t happened again!”. He’d decided that maybe it only happened every so often, maybe when the moon were right in the sky. I asked him again what ‘it’ were but he didn’t say.

That were the last I saw of ‘im. He went again three days ago and no one has seen ‘im since. Jacob Drax has tried to find him in Deepdale, but says the tracks lead to the glade but do not return. Perhaps bears or wolves befell him. Perhaps he found what he was looking for.

End of report.

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