Overheard from within the Bronze Lion Kitchen, whilst Skillet cracks open a few large crabs.
The 11th day of Eleint in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

“So there I was, crack of dawn, short spear in hand, waiting for the little buggers to come towards the shallow pools. Y’know, the ones at the south end of the beach on those rocks. When the tide’s gone out after a storm there’s all these pools, see, and the crabs love it. Up they come over the rocks and straight into the pools. Gettin’ ready for winter and the breeding season, I think. There’ll be plenty of crab meat for everyone if they keep it up.

“Anyway, as I was sayin’. I’m up there with me spear in me hand, being all still, like, when who should come striding down the beach, but His Radiant Servantness ‘imself. All flustered he was, getting wet sand on the bottom of his robes.

“‘E comes right up to the bottom of that mad Rasterslan fellow’s hut and starts rattling the ladder. So I ducks down, like, to make sure I ain’t seen, and watches ‘im.

“Well, after a little while a head pokes out from the hut and looks down at Tremak, with arms waving shooing him away. Old Tremak didn’t seem to like that and seemed to get a little angry – I couldn’t hear much due to the crashing of the waves, but I could see ‘is face going crimson. There were a few exchanged words, by the look of it, and then Tremak pulled something out of ‘is robes. Looked like an old book to me – not that I was spyin’ or anything.

“Everything seemed to calm down then, and that Rasterslan slid down ‘is ladder. He had a look at the book, or whatever it was, and tried to go back up the ladder with it. Tremak grabbed him quick-like, and for a second I thought it was all going to kick off, they didn’t half stare at each other, seemed like an age it did.

“Anyway, where was I, oh, yes. That mad Rasterslan gave the book back to Tremak, and then pointed at it, repeatedly. Saying a few choice words to Tremak I think. ‘E then disappeared up his ladder and pulled his curtains closed.

“Old Tremak looked furious as he watched Rasterslan go. But as he looked back at the book he seemed to be smiling. Off he went, back to town, trying to brush the wet sand off his robes.”

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