Overheard in the Bronze Lion Inn, as Skillet brags about his Uncle to an unsuspecting customer.
The 24th day of Eleint in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

“Well, that’s exactly what I’m sayin’! Me old Uncle would never have been afraid of somethin’ like that. ‘E would have walked straight in, bold as brass, and told them what he thought of it all.

“Anyways, what I was talking about was this Town Council meeting, like. Went on all morning it did, and I’m sure I could hear old Barghest pacing up and down on the floorboards above for most of the morning.

“‘Twas Tymander that came down first, askin’ for drinks to be brought up to calm the nerves. ‘E looked a little worried, and no doubt, I thought, with wolves on the prowl. If all the sheep and cattle get taken by wolves then he ain’t got no meats, milks, or wool to sell has he?

“Well I goes up pronto – no point in keeping a customer waiting my old Uncle used to say. I takes a nice silver platter, one of me best, with a couple of good ales and a bit of that fancy wine that old Tremak likes. It just so happens I dropped my handerkerchief, right outside the door would you believe, and as I was just bending down to pick it up, old Tremak flings open the door.

“Would you believe it, but they accused me of listening at the door! Me! I’m the soul of discretion, me. I wouldn’t dream of eavesdropping on a Town Council meeting – it’ be improper like.

“Well of course I went off in a huff. Fairly slammed down the drinks on their table I did. That’s where me Uncle would have told them what ‘e thought of ‘em. Came downstairs I did, and left them all to it.

“Now I’m not one to tell tales, but I’m not sure it’s wolves at all y’know. When I was pickin’ up me handkerchief, I accidentally heard them talking about Goblins, and how the bones of them poor lambs had been picked clean by hatchets, not by wolves’ teeth.

“Don’t you go spreading rumours, though. We don’t want people thinkin’ there are Goblins on the loose!”

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