Overheard in the Bronze Lion Inn, as Skillet talks surreptitiously to a beleagured customer.
The 26th day of Eleint in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

“It wasn’t my fault, y’know. I ducked behind the bar to pick up a pint pot that was rolling about, and then I had to fasten my lace, and then I noticed that the floor needed a good clean, so I stayed down there for a little while giving it a good rub.

“How was I to know that someone was in the bar area, over by the gambling table, and whispering like that? It wasn’t as though I was listening in on purpose or anything.

“I’d only moved to the end of the bar nearest the gambling table because that was the end that was dirtiest. If they wanted to keep a secret, they should have kept it quiet.

“Now I’m not one to tell tales, but I could hear Gilmorril clearly, and what ‘e was sayin’ was getting me quite worried. Talking about posting guards on the south and southwest of town he was.

“Barghest was stood there agreeing, nodding and stroking his chin. I only noticed that as there is a knot-hole in the wood at the bottom of the bar – I must get that repaired at some point.

“Not that I was lookin’ or anything, you understand, I was just concerned about the knot-hole and how much it would cost to get mended.”

“Anyways, it seems that Gilmorril has found a goblins’ lair. Small, ‘e says it is, but there’s definitely a band of goblins in there. They’re not very strong, so they’ve resorted to nickin’ sheep. But come the winter, they’ll venture out more.

“He’ll ‘ave his work cut out, Barghest. We’ve precious little guards as it is, an’ he’ll have to keep Valino away from leading a crusade on ‘is own ot clear out their lair. We can’t afford to lose any guards.

“Best we make our defences where we can, and pick ‘em off when they appear, Barghest says. Let’s just hope they don’t multiply over the winter.

“Now don’t you go mentionin’ any of this to anyone. We don’t want people gettin’ worried now. I’ll see you around, eh? Bye!”

“Ah, yes, sir, what can I get you? You ‘eard about these goblins…?”

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