From the Private Annals of the Church of Pelor.
Transcribed by Beltak, Scribe to His Radiant Servant, Tremak the Plush.
The 17th day of Marpenoth in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

“A Grand Census of Blackengorge.”

Apparently, that’s what Tymander Small thought to call it. A list of the people in the town and what they do, so they can start to be taxed. Only a small amount, mind you, but a little put aside to ensure that when trade comes flooding in from the Islands, the town can purchase any essential supplies from a central pot.

Tymander is absolutely convinced that it will be very soon when the first ships come across the waters to our new town. He wants to be ready as an independent community, and not be swallowed up whole by some profiteer.

The Town Council spent hours in the Bronze Lion discussing it, with heated arguments on all sides, so Skillet says. Although the decision to tax people hasn’t been made, the decision to perform the census has, so as a professional scribe, the task has fallen to me.

There are sixty-five folk in our humble town, including seven of the Hillfolk, two of the Woodfolk, and two of the Smallfolk. There are six main families – the Smalls, the Goodberrys, the Draxs, the Lowfields, the Greenwoods, and the Ironshields – although there are a handful of others that have made the initial trip across from the Islands. Alongside these are ourselves, the Priests of Pelor, and the sturdy Guards.

With farmers, lumberjacks, hunters, blacksmiths, miners, masons, millers, and tailors we are a very self-sufficient community. The town owns eight acres of plantations, mainly barley and wheat, but also potatoes, beets, pumpkins, and beans. There are also three cows, as well as a number of chickens.

The town is governed by the Town Council, consisting of Morninglord Tremak, Guard Captain Barghest, and Tymander Small.

This list of interested personages within Blackengorge is given below. All are of the Folk unless otherwise mentioned.

Small (4)
Tymander Small (head of household), 40 years old, Merchant
Nancy Small (wife), 38 years old, No Profession
Kaden Small (son), 16 years old, Blacksmith’s Apprentice
Oriana Small (daughter), 12 years old

Goodberry (4)
Silas Goodberry (head of household), 55 years old, Miller
Martha Goodberry (wife), 52 years old, Cook
Aaron Goodberry (son), 24 years old, Fisherman
Juliet Goodberry (daughter), 20 years old, Waitress/Cleaner

Drax (8)
Lucius Drax (head of household), 88 years old, Merchant
Morpeth Drax (son), 54 years old, Lumberjack
Tarah Drax (daughter-in-law), 55 years old, No Profession
Kimbel Drax (grandson), 31 years old, Lumberjack
Jacob Drax (grandson), 25 years old, Trapper/Furrier
Cristiana Drax (granddaughter-in-law), 22 years old, No Profession
Letitia Drax (great-granddaughter), 2 years old
William Drax (grandson), 19 years old, Merchant

Lowfield (10)
Cornelius Lowfield (head of household), 71 years old, Tailor
Letitia Lowfield (wife), 70 years old, No Profession
Robert Lowfield (son), 52 years old, Farmer
Matilda Lowfield (daughter-in-law), 48 years old, Spinner
Elwin Lowfield (grandson), 28 years old, Farm Workhand
Brand Lowfield (grandson), Folk. 25 years old, Farm Workhand
Fortune Lowfield (granddaughter-in-law), 19 years old, No Profession
Godric Lowfield (grandson), 19 years old, Builder’s Mate
Offa Lowfield (grandson), 13 years old, Farm Workhand
Alicia Lowfield (granddaughter), 12 years old, Miller’s Hand

Greenwood (9)
Yolanda Haxenby (mother-in-law), 66 years old, No Profession
Aldous Greenwood (head of household), 41 years old, Farmer
Effie Greenwood (wife), 43 years old, Spinner
Jerrold Greenwood (son), 23, Farm Workhand
Isabella Greenwood (daughter-in-law), 22, Trapper/Furrier
Clement Greenwood (son), 18 years old, Farm Workhand
Calanthe Greenwood (daughter), 16 years old, Cleaner
Bailey Greenwood (son), 12 years old, Farm Workhand
Jocelyn Greenwood (daughter), 7 years old

Ironshield (3)
Fafnir Ironshield (head of household), Hillfolk, 127 years old, Mason/Miner
Freyr Ironshield (wife), Hillfolk, 112 years old, Miner
Hannarr Ironshield (son), Hillfolk, 61 years old, Mason’s Apprentice

Others (4)
Rindall Blackstout (male), Hillfolk, 52 years old, No Profession
Gilmorril (male), Woodfolk, 48 years old, Tracker
Skillet (male), Smallfolk, 33 years old, Merchant
Caldring Andrezar (female), Woodfolk, 44 years old, Blacksmith

Radiant Servants (6)
Tremak (male), 47 years old, Radiant Servant
Beltak (male), 33 years old, Scribe
Arion (male), 29 years old, Initiate
Perissa (female), 27 years old, Initiate
Dania (female), 24 years old, Initiate
Maxwell (male), 23 years old, Initiate

Guards (17)
Captain Barghest (male), 42 years old, Guard Captain
Valino El-Dallomanti (male), 35 years old, Guard Sergeant
Brurbendear Giantstrides (male), Hillfolk, 66 years old, Guard
Beloin Thunderthimble (male), Hillfolk, 59 years old, Guard
Laird Jason Henrikson (male), 52 years old, Guard
Grundar Stonesthrow (male), Hillfolk, 51 years old, Guard
Sarin Larshett (male), 42 years old, Guard
Darvid Avanti (male), 38 years old, Guard
Breerdon Prowdmace (male), 37 years old, Guard
Ellenier Newmoon (male), 35 years old, Guard
Robilard Thatcher (male), 35 years old, Guard
Lowberry Shortshanks (male), Smallfolk, 34 years old, Guard
Johan Ruller (male), 34 years old, Guard
Rufus Colinae (male), 32 years old, Guard
Helener Tudor (female), 31 years old, Guard
Robin Drakesmellow (male), 24 years old, Guard
Edwards Lowfield (male), 18 years old, Guard

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