From the Private Annals of the Church of Pelor.
Transcribed by Beltak, Scribe to His Radiant Servant, Tremak the Plush.
The 2nd day of Nightal in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

Nights are growing longer and the air is getting colder these past few days. Winter is upon us and we have had our first snowfall in Blackengorge. Although the weather grew cold on The Islands in the winter months it was exceptionally rare to get any snow except in the mountains. Here it falls near sea level.

When it started to fall the children were all excited and ran out to experience it. I must admit to being quite excited myself, as this is the first snow I have seen since I was a very young boy. It brought back many great memories.

The snow fell lightly throughout ther day of the Feast of the Moon and there was quite a covering by the time the Moonfest began. It was a day to honour the dead and tales to be told of those now departed. His Radiant Servant led a procession up to the mausoleum to tend the graves there and to bless the area. He performed the Ritual of Remembrance as the sun set, and then we walked back to the town in the snow with the moon glinting off the white carpet.

We all gathered in The Bronze Lion where tales of old were exchanged. Tales of heroes and legends, treasure, and of lost cities.

When Robilard Thatcher came into the inn some of us thought he was playing a joke, building upon the stories that had been told. He looked wild, his hair, usually tied back, was unkempt, and there were plenty of dark stains across his face and spreading down his armour. He ignored most of us and called for any guard members. We were under attack!

Half a dozen or so guards dropped what they were doing and rushed out with Robilard, who ordered us to stay inside the inn. It was some time before they returned, with Valino, looking grim and determined.

The official line that the Town Council gave was that a small group of goblins, desperate for food in the harsh conditions, had tried to sneak away with some of the cattle outside the palisades, and had been confronted by Valino and Robilard. Valino held them off whilst Robilard went for help and then forced them back to their lair when the other guards arrived.

We must be vigilant to protect ourselves against these creatures. We need tales to tell, legends to make, and heroes to rise in Blackengorge. None will hear our story if goblins drive us away.

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