From the Private Annals of the Church of Pelor.
Transcribed by Beltak, Scribe to His Radiant Servant, Tremak the Plush.
The 30th day of Nightal in the Year of the Ruins Reborn.

It is the last day of the year today, and we have been here on this continent for seven months. We have raised our small town, tamed fields for crops, set traps and nets for meat, fur, and fish, and blessed the land with Pelor’s guidance.

However, there is so much as yet unknown it is almost beyond comprehension.

Gilmorril struck out once more some three days ago as the snows melted, the wall that he discovered still on his mind. Along with him he took Fafnir Ironshield, our resident expert in all things made from stone. He retraced his steps as best he could and came across parts of the wall as before.

They followed the wall north, as Gilmorril and Rindall had previously, studying various parts of stonework that sporadically appeared. Foundations indeed followed the riverbed, although both Gilmorril and Fafnir believe this might even be a dug ditch, rather than a natural formation.

The line of the wall curved slightly and continued all of the way into the cliffside on the northern gorge wall. It appears that the wall was anything up to ten feet thick in places, and there are still remnants of the wall that stand, like lonely statues, up to twenty feet high.

Every mile or so along the wall was a slightly larger structure, or milecastle as Fafnir termed them. None of them exist intact now, but the foundations seem to be there. They were probably two or three floors high according to Fafnir, and might have housed guards or lookouts.

The pair then turned and followed the wall to the south. About a half mile or so southwards of where Gilmorril originally found the structure was a much larger piece of stonework with remains of the full height of the wall. Gilmorril’s guess was that this was some form of fortified gateway and he believes that there may even be an ancient road at this point.

Lines of stonework continued to the south and eventually stopped at the lake near a giant boulder that sits on the shore. Gilmorril estimates the wall is two leagues in length across the entire gorge valley. Fafnir did some simple calculations and was astounded by the amount of stone that would be required to build this wall.

There is no definitive answer to why, or when, or even who or how the wall was built. However, markings on both the gateway and a couple of the remains of the milecastles appear to indicate the wall had something to do with Moradin, His familiar hammer and anvil carved into the stonework.

The only further clue as to which side of the wall was being protected was that the eastern side of some of the remaining stones appear chipped, blackened and worn as if they had been attacked, whilst the western side, the side facing the ocean and Blackengorge itself seem smooth and cared for.

Fafnir has brought one of the stone blocks back to Blackengorge to check it more thoroughly, to see if he can work out where the stone had been mined from. Perhaps that will give us further clues to this mystery.

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