From the Private Annals of the Church of Pelor.
Transcribed by Beltak, Scribe to His Radiant Servant, Tremak the Plush.
The 25th day of Hammer in the Year of the Sudden Journey.

The snow shows no signs of abating – it has been a couple of tendays now that it has covered the ground. As fast as Valino and the guards can shovel drifts out of the courtyard to beyond the palisade it comes back, driven on through the night by bone chilling winds. Such snows have never been seen on the Islands, even on the highest peak, and many of the townsfolk are unsure whether to be excited or dismayed.

The cold has been unforgiving, and we have been sorely pressed not to lose any of our livestock, which we try to keep warm and well fed within the boundaries of the town. It makes for interesting noises and smells during both day and night, but at least they are safe.

We do well to keep ourselves within the confines of our walls, however, as it appears the snow and cold has driven fell creatures nearly to our door.

As dawn broke yesterday one of the guards on the eastern lookout tower spotted something odd in the snows not a hundred yards from the gate. When a small party headed out to take a look they found a creature’s body, frozen stiff in the snow. The corpse was brought back into town for investigation, as it was not a goblin, and could help us understand this land further.

At the same time, Gilmorril headed out to investigate the tracks that remained in the snow. He reported that a small band, perhaps twenty or so, of creatures – probably a mix of goblins and the creature that we had found – had passed the gates, giving the town a little berth, likely on their way to the goblin cave we know about to the south.

Whether these creatures are of the same clan of the goblins, we do not know, but Gilmorril says he will brave the snows and cold soon to scout the goblin cave.

The frozen creature, which we have called a ‘Kobold’, is an odd mix. It is small, similar to a goblin in height, around four feet. It has a scaly, hairless hide similar to a lizard with a rusty brown tinge. It’s head is most odd, at first glance it appears to be a cross between a feral dog and a crocodile, and must really be seen to understand. It has red eyes and small horns, giving it quite an evil appearance.

The creature must be capable of war, however, as it has a rudimentary form of armour and carries a wicked blade. Around it’s neck is a strange necklace, what appears to be a collection of teeth similar to its own.

Our guards remain vigilant. Just because the band of creatures passed by our town this time, does not mean that they will do so next time. We must ensure we are prepared, as always, for any sort of attack.

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