From the Private Annals of the Church of Pelor.
Transcribed by Beltak, Scribe to His Radiant Servant, Tremak the Plush.
The 10th day of Ches in the Year of the Sudden Journey.

I write this in the late hours by candlelight in The Bronze Lion where much cheer and relief are mixed with so many other emotions. Not only have our two missing sons been returned to the town safe and well, but we have our first visitors to our town, as adventurers have made the crossing from The Islands to the Old Continent!

As always, as it seems with out little town, the cheer and joy is mixed with trepidation and sadness. It seems that the adventurers have had quite a tale to tell.

They set off on The Guiding Fire a tenday ago, a small group of many bound for our shores. However, not far from us, just out to sea, they met one of the raiding ships that Captain Abrahams had met before, and that had sunk the Epideixis. The same foul magics that had taken that ship struck against The Guiding Fire – a Kraken raised from the sea to crack the vessel in half like a kindling twig, and drag all to the bottom of the ocean.

The adventuring party were cast into the sea, but by the guidance of Melora, so one of their group says, they found blessed relief on one of The Guiding Fire’s rowboats that had been cast adrift in the maelstrom of the Kraken’s fury. They drifted for over a day before they were spotted in the bay to the west, all unconscious, battered, and worn.

They were brought immediately to The Bronze Lion where they were cared for by the acolytes and allowed to rest, before they were presented to the Town Council to give their news.

There were five in the group – two humans, a half-elf, an elven maiden, and a dwarf. We learnt their names at the Council meeting. Tradden and Zero were the two humans; one tall and lean, sporting two swords like a warrior, the other shorter and more stockily built, with no obvious trade, but carrying a small crossbow at his hip. The half-elf seemed quiet and aloof, dressed in robes like that of a mage. The elf maiden was a priestess of Melora, sharp of tongue, and the dwarf was called Khalin, a warrior from the Dwarven Border March of The Islands.

After they had offered their story, the Council asked if they would help search for the two missing boys, Offa and Bailey, as the guard were spread too thin to perform a thorough search on their own. The group agreed, and set off with directions to the mausoleum at the top of the hill to the northeast after a hearty breakfast that they so needed after the events of the previous day.

As the afternoon drew on and the sun started to drop in the sky a huge rumble was heard across the town, and the ground shook for some moments. At first we feared an earthquake, and the ground opening up beneath us, but there was no further tremors. The guards on the towers at the east gate reported a cloud of dust towards the mausoleum, and that the hill it stood on seemed to have partially collapsed.

Our thoughts went immediately to the adventurers that had headed that way, and to the two lost boys, who may have been up that way. The town held their breath.

As the sun finally began to set, the adventurers returned, blooded, bruised, and weary. However, they had Offa and bailey with them, and they skipped across the town to find their parents’ waiting arms. The adventurers had found them and the townsfolk cheered for their valour.

However, they also brought back grave news, of bands of organised kobolds and goblins, and foul magics under the mausoleum – now collapsed in on itself, buried forever under the weight of the hill.

Perhaps we will find out more tomorrow, after the adventurers have had time to rest and enjoy their victory, and we can celebrate the success of the returned boys.

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