From the Private Annals of the Church of Pelor.
Transcribed by Beltak, Scribe to His Radiant Servant, Tremak the Plush.
The 11th day of Ches in the Year of the Sudden Journey.

I am no bard, I am but a simple scribe, yet I feel I must write down and capture the deeds of the adventurers that have joined our thriving town for prosperity. In The Bronze Lion last night I managed to spend time with one of their company, Tradden, the warrior with the two swords, who told me of their tale of the mausoleum.

The adventurers – Tradden the warrior, Khalin the dwarven warlord, Zero the scout, and Kireth the mage – had entered the mausoleum cautiously and found a way to open up a passage leading down underneath the building into the heart of the hillside.

Below they had encountered what they term ‘hobgoblins’, larger, more brutal cousins of the goblins we have seen in the countryside surrounding the town. Tradden recounted how they had slain the vile monsters, avoiding their traps and defences, and moved further into the catacombs.

Therein they found the two boys, Offa and Bailey, chained up within a magic circle. They managed to free the boys, but the statues in the room animated to attack! The statues were difficult opponents, but even the boys lent a hand – Offa, in particularly, proving vital with a bow and arrow.

The statues were just the start of the horrors of those chambers, however, as the real menace lay in a ritual chamber beyond. An elf, madness consuming him, had animated a number of skeletons. These were perhaps the ones we had espied at the east gate over three tendays ago, and if so this elf – Helvec was his name according to Kireth, who had managed to salvage some of the elf’s books – had been there for a good amount of time.

According to Tradden the battle was fierce but the adventurers finally vanquished the elf’s guards and slew him. From the trappings of the chamber and the sacrificial dagger that the elf carried the group believe that the boys, Offa and Bailey, were going to be used in a foul ritual, although to what purpose still remains a mystery.

Whatever the adventurers interrupted, however, caused the foundations of the crypts to crumble, and within moments the group had to flee for their lives as the roof came tumbling down. They escaped barely seconds before the hillside collapsed within itself, burying the chambers within forever.

Only the mausoleum itself still stands, its chambers below blocked and sealed for the ages.

On their return to Blackengorge, however, the adventurers came across a band of goblins and kobolds as I have previously transcribed. Two of the party, the dwarf Khalin and the warrior Tradden have set off early this morning with Caldring the Smith to see if they can seek out the scout Gilmorril to find any further information about these larger goblin parties.

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