One side effect of using Google Wave to run a D&D 4E game is that you get to ‘keep’ all of the dice rolls and results of those rolls over a long period. Our group have been through a number of encounters now, so there’s a fair amount of data within those blips and waves for those inclined to do a bit of mining.

With a little spare time on my hands, a couple of scripts and getting the crayons out, I was able to grab some of this data and have a little fun.

I’d seen a wonderful visualisation of blood test results on David McCandless’ website Information is Beautiful. He does a lot of infographics for Wired magazine and the Guardian in the UK.

Unashamedly I’ve copied the visualisation (I hope David doesn’t mind – it has a Creative Commons licence, and this was just for fun) and overlaid some of the rolls our Wizard in the game, Kireth, has made from Level 1 to Level 3.

There has always been the finger pointing at our Dice Bot – Random Lee – in that it was stacked against the players. Well, from the infographic it appears our players do quite well! A 77% success rate on attack rolls – that’s pretty good!

Display Infographic - Kireth


It’s all for fun – I’m sure there would be better ways to represent the data!

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