Mark Gill has released some updates for his great Star Trek Starships Handbooks on our his site here.

The site has been around for a little while now, with seven full-colour PDFs completely free to download.

I’ve been waiting for years for someone to produce the definitive book on the starships of Star Trek. So with the wealth of data and images collected and compiled by fans on the web, I decided to try put something together myself. What you’ll find on this site are ebooks in PDF format containing data and schematics on various vessels from the Star Trek series and movies, culled from around the web.

He keeps updating these on a regular basis, and the latest to be updated is Volume Seven (Supplemental)…

Volume Seven features nineteen additional vessels which didn’t make it into the previous volumes.  The list of ships changed several times, and there are still many notable vessels which I couldn’t fit into this volume – these will be featured in a second supplemental volume, probably Volume Nine – but I’ve tried to include a good balance to supplement the previous volumes.

Volume Eight is currently underway.