The Doors Beyond
A Soot-Laden Cellar

…continues from Book #01, Chapter #03, Scene #04a


The 14th Day of Ches in the Year of the Sudden Journey
Khalin and Tradden have set off for the island in the middle of the lake to explore the Tower of the Mists in the hope to bring Kireth some further texts to translate.

No sooner have they stepped on the island when they are attacked from above! After a brief battle with some stirges they enter the ruins of the tower, only to be confronted by a clutch of spiders.

With no luck investigating the upper floors of the tower the pair find an entrance to a basement where they are immediately attacked by yet another strange creature.

For a chapter summary please see Chapter #03 Summary.

Cast List

Khalin Grundokri

2nd Level Male Dwarven Marshal (Warlord)

Tradden Aversward

3rd Level Male Human Weaponmaster (Fighter)

Scene Length

This scene started on Monday 3rd January 2011 and completed on Wednesday 5th January 2011.


Initiative Block


Round #05

Combat Encounter Completed

Creatures in Play:

[18] Tradden HP: 38/38 38

[17] Khalin HP: 0/31 31,14,19,5,14,-3,0 Unconscious

Removed from Play:

[28] Rust Monster Dmg: 69 0,11,38,51,69




Features of the Area


Illumination: Daylight. Visibility shown on map.


Google Wave


This scene was originally written within Google Wave. The scene has not yet been transcribed into the new web format.

The original Wave is now lost with the demise of Google Wave, but the PDF extract of that original scene is provided.

Rust Monster

The creature charged forward, skittering through the soot and sending small clouds of it into the air, intent on the dwarf.

[Charge - Bite]

[Charge: ?, ?, ?]

[Primary Attack: 1d20+11+1: 28 vs Khalin’s AC (19)] - hits!

[Damage: 2d8+5: 17] and [Bloodied]

[Khalin’s armour begins Rusting]

As the creature’s fangs bit down and through Khalin’s armour, both of the party heard a most unusual sound, as the metal pieces on the scale mail creaked and groaned.

When the creature withdrew, Khalin glanced down for a moment, and saw rings of rust extending from the puncture marks in the metal. Then the pain hit him!

The creature’s feelers shivered along the length of its body and it eyed the dwarf’s mail with glinting black eyes.

Tradden Aversward

‘Whoa! Don’t let that thing near my armour — Caldring would have a fit!’ shouted Tradden as he dropped the torch and drew his remaining sheathed blade. It was exactly the kind of remark which was well intentioned, the young fighter trying to bolster spirits, but badly executed. Still, it was better than some in the past.

He stepped up, side by side with Khalin.

[Move: ?, ?, ?]

The creature seemed to be intelligent, and so a show of strength was needed — it would rue the day it attacked these two surface dwellers!

Shouting a battle cry that echoed around the chamber, Tradden struck out.

[Reaping Strike]

[Primary Attack vs Rust Monster: 1d20+9: 26] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+7: 11] and [Marked]

[Tradden’s Frost Longsword begins Rusting]

Tradden felt his sword hit with a crunching blow, but to his horror he heard the same creaking and popping sound, and the frost blade began the same process as Khalin’s armour.

Khalin Grundokri

Khalin thought for a heartbeat about unleashing another caustic yet witty quip, but after glancing at the wound in his torso he felt the surge of adrenaline through his veins.

[Heroic Effort]

[Tradden gains +3 to damage rolls until Khalin is no longer bloodied]

[Khalin gains +5 temporary hit points]

Raising his shield once more to defend his comrade, the warlord unleashed a blood-curdling roar as he struck back at the beast’

[Shielded Assault]

[Primary Attack vs Rust Monster: 1d20+6: 26] - critical hit!

[Damage: 2d10+5: 25] plus [1d6: 2 Flame Bracers critical damage] and [Bloodied]

[+2 AC to self and adjacent allies until end of next turn]

The warhammer crashed into the beast’s strange hide with a crunch and yellow and orange flames danced down Khalin’s arms and covered it. Its feelers twitched wildly and an eerie shriek came from its mouth.

[Khalin Dungeoneering Check: 1d20+3: 15] - success!

Khalin quickly realised this creature seemed to be something from the tales of the old dwarven miners — a creature that lived deep in the mountains and consumed metal itself, rusting it first to help digest it — a “Rust Monster”. With ore and metal plentiful in mines, the creatures were drawn to the dug shafts to feed. Surely it would be after whatever contained the greatest degree of metal.

Unfortunately, this would be the armour tightly strapped to Khalin’s body.

Khalin weighed up the situation in an instant, then, as befit his headstrong instincts, hurled his hefty metal hammer towards and past the beast…

[Action Point]

[Khalin gains a Standard Action]

…in the hope the metal-craving monster would follow it.

The hammer crashed into the table, sending clouds of soot into the air.

Rust Monster

The creature seemed hurt and injured by the attacks, but also seemed determined to continue with its lust for the metal on Khalin’s armour, regardless of the hammer thrown above its head.


[Primary Attack: 1d20+11: 27 vs Khalin’s AC (19+2-1)] - hits!

[Damage: 2d8+5: 14]

[Khalin’s armour continues Rusting]

The blow struck Khalin hard, as the creature tore through his armour, concentric circles of rust spreading from the punctures.

As the creature attacked it had reared up somewhat, presenting an easy target for Tradden to attack.

[Tradden: Combat Superiority]

[Opportunity Attack vs Rust Monster: 1d20+9-1: 20] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+7: 13]

[Tradden’s Frost Longsword continues Rusting]

Tradden’s sword sliced through the creature’s back spilling further blood.

Tradden Aversward

Although Khalin’s inspired attempt to distract the beast had failed, Tradden took heart from his effort, and the fact that it had left the insecty thing open for another slice to its abdomen.

That done, Tradden looked to follow up with a carefully chosen strike…

[Sure Strike]

[Primary Attack vs Rust Monster: 1d20+11-2: 12] - misses!


[Tradden’s Frost Longsword continues Rusting]

The creature seemed to have a sixth sense for the blade of steel heading towards it though, and it flinched at a critical moment, causing the sword to harmlessly bounce off its chitinous hide, the creaking and cracking of rust attacking steel making Tradden wince.

Mindful of the fact that this “thing” was affecting the very tools of combat that he and Khalin used, Tradden looked to attack again, inspired by Khalin’s bravura.

[Action Point]

[Tradden gains a Standard Action]

[Tradden uses Khalin’s Bravura Presence]

[Sure Strike]

[Primary Attack vs Rust Monster: 1d20+11-3: 15] - misses!


[Tradden grants Combat Advantage]

[Tradden’s Frost Longsword continues Rusting]

However, the creature once again seemed to anticipate his move, and the blade slid of its platelike exterior once more. The young fighter took a moment to hold his blade up in front of his face, just to check it was actually still there, and the rust hadn’t decimated it completely.

This was foolish, as it left him flatfooted.

Khalin Grundokri

As Tradden attacked, Khalin bellowed a string of colourful dwarven expletives. There seemed to be little left of the dwarf’s armour, and his hammer now lay yards away. It had been an audacious gamble, but one that reminded Khalin why he wasn’t a betting man.

Perhaps only moments from losing consciousness, and perhaps even his life, the dwarf drew his dagger and hacked at the face and mandibles of the Rust Monster.

[Melee Basic Attack - Dagger]

[Primary Attack vs Rust Monster: 1d20+7: 14] - misses!

[Khalin’s dagger begins Rusting]

Khalin cursed once more, his skill with the dagger not matching that of his hammer.

[Inspiring Word]

[Khalin spends a Healing Surge and regains 1d6+7: 9 hit points]

The dwarf’s curses at least drew him some strength.

Rust Monster

The rust monster, oblivious to Khalin’s pain opened its jaws wide once more to satiate its appetite on the dwarf’s armour.


[Primary Attack: 1d20+11: 18 vs Khalin’s AC (19-2)] - hits!

[Damage: 2d8+5: 17] and [Dying]

[Khalin’s armour continues Rusting]

The jaws snapped through Khalin’s armour, spilling scales over the floor, and as the pieces fell into the soot so did the dwarf.

As the creature pounced onto the spilled metal, Tradden struck as hard as he could.

[Tradden: Combat Superiority]

[Opportunity Attack vs Rust Monster: 1d20+9-3: 25] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+7+3: 18] and [Dead]

[Tradden’s Frost Longsword continues Rusting]

Tradden’s sword sliced through the back of the creature’s neck, and with a satisfying squelch parted the head from the body.

Tradden Aversward

Sheathing his swords, Tradden rushed over to his fallen companion, kicking the head of the creature with his leather boot into the darkness around the edge of the chamber.

‘Oh… cripes!’ he muttered, seeing that his freind was in a bad way. He needed the attentions of either a priest or an apothecary that was for sure, but right now he needed first aid. The young fighter rolled up his sleeves, tried to remember all he could about his rudimentary healing training as well as dwarven anatomy.

[Tradden Heal Check - Stabilise the Dying: 1d20+8: 20] - success!

[Khalin stabilises and goes to 0 hit points]

Tradden quickly stopped the blood flow and bound the nasty wounds on Khalin’s chest as well as he could. The dwarf was still in bad shape, but at least he was stable for now.



[Combat Encounter Completed]

Short Rest


Healing Surges

Healing Surges are applied.

[Khalin spends ? healing surges (? left) to get to ?/? hit points]

[Tradden spends ? healing surges (? left) to get to ?/? hit points]

Encounter Powers

All encounter powers are recharged.


No milestones reached.


Experience awarded.

[Khalin gains ? xp to reach ? xp]

[Tradden gains ? xp to reach ? xp]


No one is ready to progress.

End of Scene