Capital City: Population 150,000

The Islands’ capital, the place of first landing after the ‘Great Retreat’, is the nation’s largest city and chief port. As the oldest city on the main island it is a bustling and crowded place, full of all races and creeds, and offers all of the wares that are available from such a small area.

Deepingwald is the main centre of commerce, drawing everyone from across The Islands to meet, trade and work. The city never seems to sleep, with around-the-clock activities. Whether it is unloading the morning’s catch at the docks, the early morning baking of bread, the hubbub and chaos of the open markets, or the intriguing nightlife, there is always activity.

The people of Deepingwald work very hard, striving to make ends meet in an ever-growing population, and to be the ones that stand out from the crowd in the hope of gaining more spacious housing or lands.

Social etiquette and the social ladder are both important to Deepingwald’s citizens – money from hard work may bring some modicum of influence, but social skills can help accelerate one’s standing. Fads and fashions play an important role in many Deepingwald citizens’ lives, with extravagant boutiques and costumed balls a regular occurance within the middle and upper classes.

Some of the upper classes hold an aloofness about the city, as though they are better than some of their fellows in Port Serena or Capel-Treath, although the rigid trading and political structure does not allow this to extend any further.

City Areas
Political System
Religious Castes
Guilds and Organisations
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