Deepingwald Guilds and Organisations

Guilds and Organisations

The Guild of Scriveners

The Guild of Scriveners wasn’t established until more than fifty years after the ‘Great Retreat’ and as such many of the tomes and scrolls of history brought across the Great Sea were lost. In the Year of the Pendulous Tongues (518) the guild was formed by the Skald Taruk, a noted bard and historian, who gathered as much oral lore and recounted history as he could, and set to writing down, cataloguing and indexing the information with the assistance of several scribes from the Churches.

Although much of the information was second-hand, and passed down only orally, the reconstruction of the ‘Great Retreat’ and the ‘Downfall’ was completed quickly, and the history of the Free Peoples laid out for everyone to see and share. Many works of poetry, both of eddic and skaldic prose, and even a few epic sagas were begun at the time and were performed throughout The Islands by respected bards and sages.

The Guild operate out of the Scriveners’ Hall, a large but unassuming building, in the Civil District overlooking Senate Square. Serving as Master Chronicler at the moment is NNNNN.

City Guard
City Watch
Robed Magisters
Company of Watermen and Lightermen
City Lamplighters
Deepingwald Mercers’ Guild
Silver Mint
Mastersmith’s Guild
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