Deepingwald Noble Houses

Noble Houses

Traditions feature highly amongst the populace of Deepingwald, probably more so than some of the other human settlements around The Islands. In the retreat across the Great Sea and the discovery of The Islands some of the old traditions have not been forgotten. With the loss of the Last King it fell to his nobles to organise the fleet across the waves and found the settlements to preserve the Free Peoples freedom.

Those of noble birth retained their titles as they had before the ‘Downfall’ and passed them onto their eldest sons, and down to their sons, as they had done before. Although the loss of the Last King created a vacuum in power, the nobles banded together to form the first Senate to govern the settlement of Deepingwald, rather than infighting or causing open warfare amongst the Free Peoples. Although many have laid claim over the years to be the true heir to the Last King, none have provided any evidence to support their claims.

The noble families of Deepingwald ensured that villas and mansions were built to secure their families over the course of the years, originally in the Old City, but moving out to Baronsward, Southsilver Mansions, and Northspires as the city grew. Many of these villas contain their own private gardens as well as large houses for the family, and often compete with one another for the best views of the city, the sea, or the surrounding countryside.

Many of the noble houses are represented on the Septet Senate, their members often in elevated positions within the various clergy and organisations. Although the city is governed well the growing lower classes continually push to have more of their ‘own’ represented within the political structure.

Indeed, there are those that believe that those nobles that made the journey across the Great Sea only did so because they owned and controlled the ships and the fleets that allowed them to escape the ‘Downfall’. Perhaps some of those nobles even used their wealth to buy passage on some of the earlier ships that escaped unharmed. It has also been mooted at various times that some of the earliest Deepingwald nobles may have even been imposters – using their guile and cunning once they had reached The Islands safely to establish themselves with fraudulent wealth as part of a noble circle. However, these thoughts and accusations are only held by a small minority, and most of the populace respect and admire the work that the noble houses do on behalf of the Free Peoples.

The nobility still retain a formal structure of ranks. Although these do not confer any particular powers or superiority over each other by law, those of noble birth still tend to defer to their superiors in many matters. Without the Last King there no longer exists any Sovereign, and no Dukes ever fled the Old Continent. The highest noble rank in Deepingwald is that of Marquess, followed by Earls, Viscounts, Barons, Baronets, Knights, and Lairds. Below this rank are the Free People.

There are twenty four noble houses still thriving in Deepingwald, of which eleven serve on the Septet Senate.


Marquess of Northwind

The noble house of Northwind is one of the most respected and well-known amongst the populace. It is led by the thirty-second Marquess of Northwind, Josseth Crownblade, an aging, but generous and humble man. Still some six feet in height and standing tall and stout, despite his ongoing years, he cuts a formidable stance amongst his peers. A devout follower of Bahamut, he also serves as The Platinum Talon within the Clergy of Bahamut, and sits on the Septet Senate leading the House of Charter.

Amongst many interests the noble house of Northwind are involved in shipping, wine-making, and hold many of the lands that are used for farming, charging only nominal fees for their use.

Marquess of Tarsembor

The noble house of Tarsembor is a prominent house that has always provided the city with aid in its times of need. It is led by the twenty-eighth Marquess of Tarsembor, Callen Trystan, a young and enthralling man, who seeks to bring the joys of life and arts to as many of the Free Peoples as possible. The history of this house encompasses a number of caring deeds by previous Marquesses, including the use of their houses dotted around the city as makeshift infirmaries during times of disease and drought. The current Marquess has provided a gallery and several prominent statues around the city, and sits on the Septet Senate as the current leader of the House of Arts.

The majority of the house of Tarsembor’s interests are connected with the arts, including marble-works and funding of small schools and colleges.

Marquess of Skalgard

The noble house of Skalgard is one of the wealthiest houses within Deepingwald, and likely the richest amongst all of The Islands. It is led by the nineteenth Marguess of Skalgard, Agras DeVeere, a hook-nosed man that many of the populace both envy and despise. However, they do have respect for his mercantile abilities, and DeVeere has served as the head of the Deepingwald Mercers’ Guild and represented the House of Coin for the Septet Senate for the last twenty-one years.

Nearly all of the House of Skalgard’s known interests are money and trade related.

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