The Goblin's Lair
The Waterfall

…continues from Book #01, Chapter #03, Scene #06


The 15th Day of Ches in the Year of the Sudden Journey
Charged with investigating and perhaps even clearing a goblin warren near Blackengorge, the party move slowly up to the lair behind a waterfall.

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Cast List

Khalin Grundokri

3rd Level Male Dwarven Marshal (Warlord)

Kireth Majere

2nd Level Male Half-Elven Arcanist (Wizard)

Tradden Aversward

3rd Level Male Human Weaponmaster (Fighter)

Zero Uhlit

2nd Level Male Human Scoundrel (Rogue)

Beltak Ancaron

Scribe of Pelor (NPC)

Scene Length

This scene starts on Wednesday 12th January 2011 and is expected to be completed by the end of Tuesday 18th January 2011.

Players are expected to be able to post at least once a day.

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This scene was originally written within Google Wave. The scene has not yet been transcribed into the new web format.

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The Bronze Lion Inn

In the evening the group made their plans in The Bronze Lion. Beltak had appeared to have got over the initial shock of being asked to accompany the party and had even started to seem enthusiatic about the request. He had transcribed Gilmorril’s scouting report of the area for the Church’s annals, and was able to give the group a good understanding of the area.

The goblin’s lair was about half a league to the southwest, in light woodland. A waterfall cascaded down the gorge wall at that point, with the stream leading away to the lake. Behind the waterfall was the entrance to their cave lair. It had been some months since Gilmorril had scouted the area, which previously only had a few weak goblins — now Beltak wasn’t sure what they’d find.

Beltak suggested that they come from the east of the waterfall behind the cover of trees from the entrance. Once they knew the lay of the land it would be easier to decide what to do.

All agreed, and would meet at the West Gate at dawn. Celestia, however, reluctantly stated that she would stay in Blackengorge for the meanwhile.

‘I have heard Melora’s call,’ the elf had said. ‘And at the moment it is not to follow you into the goblin’s lair but to look to the sea — there is something there that I feel I must do. I shall spend some time there meditating, to clear my vision. This talk of Feywild and creatures and monsters cloud my thoughts.

‘I’m sure that I will rejoin you in the future, but for now my destiny lies elsewhere.’

The group reluctantly accepted her position, wishing her well, and assuring her that they would keep her involved in all of their escapades.

With plans for the morning made, the group retired to their chambers.

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Blackengorge — West Gate

Helener Tudor yawned as she lay her poleaxe to one side for a second and stretched in the dull light of the foredawn.

The typically uneventful early morning shift was today being enlivened by the group of fancy-dan adventurers meeting at the West Gate prior to setting out. From her vantage point in the tower, Helener had a box seat to watch the preparations. They were all there now although Helener noticed it was a different looking collection to previous expeditions into the wild. Seemingly they were all waiting for something, and she took interest in the way they all prepared.

The dwarf could not help but look different in his new armour, although if he looked unfortable or disappointed that his old dwarven made set had been consigned to the scrap heap he didn’t show it, and as was as focused and jovial as ever.

The young, foppish lad, Tradden, had clearly been watching the guards’ various routines in his time in Blackengorge, although she acknowledged that he had probably picked a few bits up from the dwarf Khalin, who was clearly martially trained, as almost all dwarves were. He now ran through his mantra, which included such actions as checking and rechecking his armour and fastenings. Helener thoroughly approved — better to find a weakness now than have it break in the heat of combat. He then went through some basic martial maneuvers — nothing that would impress a drill sergeant or an old hand like Valino.

Previously there had been one or two ladies to see off Zero, which was not the case now — this time there were three or four. Helener gave them looks of pity.

To Helener, perhaps Kireth was the one who had changed the least — still a nasty looking bastard who you wouldn’t mess with.

In time, a surprise strode up — Beltak, wearing an impressive looking set of chainmail armour. A shield was stapped to his back, and he was taking practice swings with a chunky mace. This was not, but clearly was, the clerical looking man which she had grown accustomed to. It appeared he was a replacement for the other Cleric, she forgot the name, who was conspicuous by her absence.

He was met firstly by Tradden. ‘Welcome, Beltak!’ he slapped the scribe on the back, just a little too hard, jarring him and causing him to stumble forward. ‘Good to have you on board — not to worry, young fella, we will see you right!’

Beltak was about to respond to this — he was some years senior to Tradden after all, and his training was far more than scribing, despite that being where he felt comfortable. ‘All hail Pelor,’ he said weakly, still smarting from Tradden’ ‘attacks’.

‘Yes, quite! That’s the spirit!’ replied Tradden, stalking away to carry on with his preparations.

The guard watched with interest as the foppish lad wandered to the gate and turned to face his group, drawing his sword and holding it aloft. ‘All set? Then onwards!’

The dawn light flashed on Tradden’s blade, spilling golden shafts onto the area at large. The young fighter thought it was a nice effect. Helener thought he looked a prat.

The group set forth.

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Blackengorge — West Gate

The journey to the waterfall was not long but the group were cautious and they closed in on the area within the hour.

As Beltak had suggested they approached from the east, with trees starting to thicken as they approached the vast blackened gorge walls.

‘It’s somewhere round here,’ whispered Beltak to the group. ‘Can you hear the waterfall?’

The group fell into silence and waited, and sure enough they could hear the sound of falling water crashing into a pool.

‘Not far now,’ suggested Khalin, drawing his warhammer and setting his shield.

The group moved on, more slowly now, and trying their best to be quiet.

[Khalin Stealth Check: 1d20+2: 4] - failure!

[Kireth Stealth Check: 1d20+3: 15] - success!

[Tradden Stealth Check: 1d20+2: 14] - success success!

[Zero Stealth Check: 1d20+12: 17] - success!

[Beltak Stealth Check: 1d20+2: 22] - critical success!

‘Can you not stop that infernal rattling?’ hissed Zero at Khalin. ‘It sounds as though a whole army is approaching!’

The dwarf looked sheepish. ‘It’s this armour,’ he pleaded. ‘It’s not quite what I’m used to, you know.’

Zero turned back to scouting out in front, shaking his head. Within moments, he stopped and held up his hand for the others to do likewise.

He turned back to the group, pointing through the trees to the southwest. ‘Just through there,’ he whispered. ‘I can see quite a few.’

As sure as Zero had suggested through the trees the group could spy a number of small humanoids by the side of a small river.

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End of Scene