An eerie green glow emanated from the top of a ten-foot high platform in the middle of the room, mist floating up from its surface. A parade of rampaging devils was carved into the side of the pedestal, shadows flickering over their hideous faces from the dancing light of the green glow.

A sinister-looking elf in dark robes stood atop the platform next to a towering skeletal figure. The elf looked up from a dusty old tome open in his hands as the party entered the chamber, as though drawn from deep contemplation, the noises of the boys attracting his attention.

Poking the robes away from the body with the tip of a loaded bolt took only a moment or two and there was an exclamation of surprise from the platform above when the elf's body was revealed. It wasn't in good shape. Whatever powers Kireth had used had crushed most of the torso and twisted its limbs. It was now a pale shadow of the summoner that had sorely tested them.

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