A foothold to explore the Old Continent, population ?

information about blackengorge

basic information on how started, when, and how grew

a bit about the general people

Village Areas

A bit about how the village is built, organised, and what areas there are

Main square and surrounding larger structures

Houses for those living

Palisade walls

Farms on the outside

Nearby specifics, such as the (now ruined) mausoleum, the lake and boat house, the isle of the mists and the crumbled tower on it, the stone circle, the beach, etc.

we might want to go further out and talk about the gorge wall gate, the marshes, etc.?

Market Square  Main Village

a bit about the market square - how used, cobbles, the stone in the middle

Other Areas of Note


a bit about the (now ruined) mausoleum

Isle of the Mists

a bit about the isle of the mists and the tower

The Bog Marshes

a bit about the bog marshes

The Stone Circle

a bit about the stone circle

The Glade

a bit about the glade and pool

The Beach

a bit about the beach and jetty

Moradin's Aegis

a bit about the wall and gorge wall gate


a bit about the large, dwarf-runed boulder near the lake

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