The Mouth of the Sleeper
Blade Bridges

…continues from Book #01, Chapter #10, Scene #11


1st Day of Tarsakh in the Year of the Sudden Journey
Battling at the summit of the white face adorned hill in the Coilwood, the heroes manage to overcome a force of orcs and the reappearance of strange black creatures. Exploring the domed chambers within they force open a secret door, and are besieged by a statue. Dusting themselves down they continue to explore further below and stumble upon a bloody figure. The eyeless figure seems to have more than thoughts in its head, spewing forth more black abominations but the heroes managed to overthrow them. Deciding to venture south, rather than risk the blade bridges they find to the east, the encounter a sprung trap, but the corpses of past victims appear to rise against them. After dispatching the hung victims and discovering parchment upon parchemnt, they return to the bridges and spring a trap.

For a chapter summary please see Chapter #10 Summary.

For an appendix detailing the locations of “The Mouth of the Sleeper” and a full map, please see Chapter #10 Appendix.

Cast List

Khalin Grundokri

8th Level Male Dwarven Marshal (Warlord)

Kireth Majere

8th Level Male Half-Elven Arcanist (Wizard)

Tradden Aversward

8th Level Male Human Weaponmaster (Fighter)

Zero Uhlit

8th Level Male Human Scoundrel (Rogue)

Beltak Ancaron

Scribe of Pelor (NPC)

Scene Length

This scene starts on Monday 16th November 2015 and is expected to be completed by the end of Thursday 31st December 2015.

Players are expected to be able to post at least once a day.


Initiative Block


Round #07

Combat Completed

Creatures in Play:

[27] Tradden HP: 14/70 70,50,20,34,61,51,31,-6,14 +1 to attack and +4 to damage rolls Prone

[17] Beltak HP: 8/58 58,52,41,23,9,23,8 +1 to attack and +4 to damage rolls

[15] Kireth HP: 52/52 52,45,52 +1 to attack and +4 to damage rolls

[12] Zero HP: 60/60 60 +1 to attack and +4 to damage rolls

[11] Khalin HP: 61/61 61,50,23,54,61

Removed from Play:

[19] Hulker Zombie Dmg: 149 0,21,29,50,68,79,101,127,149

[29] Lost Wraith #02 Dmg: 64 0,4,8,11,21,33,40,56,64

[16] Lost Wraith #01 Dmg: 60 0,5,10,16,23,44,46,60

[11] Lost Wraith #03 Dmg: 70 0,16,23,29,46,51,57,70 Marked by Tradden



Battlemap: Blade Bridges

Features of the Area


Illumination: Torchlight.

Lost Wraith #02

Away from the sight of the group another sarchophagus crumbled as the trap took effect and a silent apparition glided out towards the pit.

[Move: N, N, N, NW, NW, NW]

It turned as it heard Beltak’s cry, seeking out the warmth of life.

[Move: NW, NW, N, W, W, W]

As it slid through the passageway seperating the two pits it brought a chill to the air. It was vaguely humanoid in appearance, but insubstantial, hardly of this world, and only a shimmering gleam of a creature. It was pale, radiating an unnearthly and sickening green-blue light, the dark pits where eyes should be drawing in the gaze of the priest.

Tradden Aversward

In Tradden’s mind he exclaimed a curse for the ages — language that would make the most debauched, drunken sailor in Deepingwald harbour blush. It didn’t quite come out that way though.

‘Rats!’ hissed the fighter, looking back and forth towards the creature in front of him and the now-stranded Beltak behind him. The blades were starting to spin, as was the central pillar. Going towards Beltak might just mean there were two of them in trouble.

‘Get over here Beltak!’ cried the fighter, dropping the torch and pulling out his longsword so as to be fully armed.

[Shift: SW]

With that he squeezed past Khalin and dodged a flailing, ghostly grab before striking out.

[Footwork Lure]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01: 1d20+13: 31] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+7: 10] and [Marked]

[Damage reduced to 5 due to Insubstantial]

[Tradden: Shift: SE]

[Lost Wraith #01: Slides: N]

Tradden flicked out at the apparition, seemingly stabbing into it before falling into a sideways barrel-roll, bring him out at its side. If he could give Khalin a chance to flank it, perhaps the warlord could bring his warhammer to bear!

Beltak Ancaron

As the machinery of the blades began to rotate, the central pillar of the turnstile upon which Beltak was precariously standing also began to revolve. It was a little disorientating at first, but not too difficult to keep his balance until he was struck on his back by one of the handles protruding from the stone shaft.

Distracted by the sight of an onrushing spectre he nearly didn’t notice the second handle as the blades began to gather momentum.

[Turnstile Attack]

[Immediate Reaction: 1d20+10: 24 vs Beltak’s Reflex (17)] - hits!

[Damage: 2d6+4: 6] and [Push: W]

The scribe managed to thrust out his shield, but the spinning turnstile had gathered too much momentum for him to easily deflect the blow.

[Saving Throw vs Push: 1d20+1: 16] - success!

[Beltak avoids Push]

But luckily he managed somehow to stay on the edge of the turnstile, almost falling onto one of the blades.

[Move: S, …] - interrupted!

[Beltak Athletics Check: 1d20+4: 15] - success!

It wasn’t pretty, but he managed to cling on to one of the blades, following it around in a circle as he tried to stagger towards his friends.

[Move: …, S, S, S, S, SE] - interrupted!

He flew past the ghostly figure at speed as his head began to grow dizzy and faint and eventually made the leap at the end of the blade bridge at what he hoped was the right time.

[Beltak Athletics Check: 1d20+4: 7] - failure!

[Beltak lands Prone]

Dazed and confused the scribe landed in a heap at Kireth’s feet.

[Move: Stand]

It was all Beltak could do to stand and dust himself down, his head swimming.

‘I'm here,’ he offered to Tradden, meekly.

Lost Wraith #01

The spectre amidst the group floated menacingly in the air, swept forwards by Tradden’s feint, the dark pits of its eye sockets glaring with intensity at the nearest foe. It seemed unconcerned with the young fighter’s attention, however, seeking out the one that had disturbed its rest.

It bore no arms or armour, yet its translucent fingers were still a potent weapon, reaching out and spreading its fingers before Khalin’s face.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Primary Attack vs Khalin] - interrupted!

As the creature bore down on the dwarf, Tradden took the opportunity to swing at its flank.

[Tradden: Opportunity Attack - Frost Longsword]

[Opportunity Attack vs Lost Wraith #01: 1d20+13+2: 29] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+7: 10]

[Damage reduced to 5 due to Insubstantial]

The strike did not seem to hamper the apparition, though, the blade slicing clean through it. Its hand continued on towards the dwarf’s visage…

[Lost In Shadows]

[Primary Attack: 1d20+11-2: 24 vs Khalin’s Will (19)] - hits!

[Teleported to P8] and [Dazed and treats Lost Wraith #01 as Invisible (Save Ends Both)]

A sudden cold hit the dwarf’s mind and he felt numb, staggering back for an instant before he felt his entire body pop and contract.

[Khalin: Saving Throw vs Teleport: 1d20: 18] - success!

[Khalin negates Teleport]

Khalin’s stomach lurched, as though he had dropped from a height quickly, but the dwarf resolutely stayed firm and standing by the door. His head spun, but he had the awful feeling he had just missed disaster by a hair’s breadth.

Kireth Majere

Kireth mused for a moment. Some mages had knowledge brought to them. Great tomes of the stuff, brought right to them in the safety of a library or magnificent university. Sitting there debating the hows and whys over wine and pipe.

Oh no, not him, he had to stand on the edge of a giant mincing machine whilst being attacked by something that had already died at least once already. Ah well.

[Shift: W]

He stepped to his right to allow the others a little space should they need to manoeuvre. ‘Best try slow that one down a little,’ was his next thought as he levelled his staff at the wraith across the blades.

[Shadow Claws]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #02’s Fortitude: 1d20+6: 24] - hits!

[Damage: 1d10+2: 8]

[Damage reduced to 4 due to Insubstantial]

[If Lost Wraith #02 moves during next turn it will take 2+5: 7 cold damage]

Dark tendrils of shadow swept out from the mage’s staff, unnerved by the spinning blades below, and wrapped themselves tightly around the wraith’s transparent body, locking it in place.

Zero Uhlit

The terrifying wraith was far too close for comfort. While its attention was seemingly diverted, Zero attempted to slip away into the shadows.

[Fleeting Ghost]

[Move: E, …] - interrupted!

As the rogue snaked next to Khalin the spectre in the doorway twisted and shot out an arm in the rogue’s direction.

[Lost Wraith #01: Opportunity Attack - Lost Touch]

[Opportunity Attack: 1d20+11: 19 vs Zero’s Reflex (21)] - misses!

The cold chill brushed past Zero’s face as the rogue let out a grabled cry and scrambled for somewhere to recover.

[Fleeting Ghost]

[Move: …, SW, S, S]

[Stealth Check: 1d20+15: 27] - success!

[Zero is hidden from all enemies except Lost Wraith #01 and gains Combat Advantage]

He spilled into the corner, hastily spinning round and drawing his crossbow, sweating as he levelled it over the top of the shattered sarcophagus at the wraith at the door.

[Sly Flourish]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01: 1d20+10: 24] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+6: 12]

[Damage reduced to 6 due to Insubstantial]

The bolt whistled shrilly across the small chamber, taking the spectre fully in the back. However, it passed straight through and with a clatter smashed into the stone jamb of the door, missing Khalin by inches.

Lost Wraith #03

Silently another shadow swept in from the east.

[Move: S, S, S, S, SW, SW]

It gathered pace as it crossed the blades, gliding in from the passageway connecting the pits.

[Move: SW, Sw, SW, W, W, SW]

Barely noticeable in the flickering torchlight the creature advanced towards the group.

Khalin Grundokri

Khalin took a moment to try adjust as he tried to shake off the effects of the attack. Silently vowing to finally grant Tradden’s requests for a rest at the earliest opportunity, the warlord turned to try take a bead on an enemy, the one that was in front of him a moment ago seemingly vanished.

One wraith was far out of his reach, but not Kireth’s.

[Direct the Strike]

[Kireth has a Basic Attack vs Lost Wraith #02]

‘Well done, Kireth,’ the warlord encouraged the mage. ‘Let that one have it again!’

[Kireth: Magic Missile]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #02] - automatic hit!

[Damage: 2+5+1: 8]

[Damage reduced to 4 due to Insubstantial]

The mage reacted quickly, unleashing a bolt of force that exploded against the wraith’s shadow of a body, dissipating into the air.

[Saving Throw vs Lost in Shadows: 1d20: 13] - success!

[Khalin is no longer Dazed] and [Lost Wraith #01 no longer invisible to Khalin]

The warlord’s head gradually began to clear and he whirled about as the wraith behind him came into view once more.

Zombie Hulk

There was a sound of broken rubble falling from the northern side of the pit, hidden from the group by the turnstile at the centre. Something, however, was slowly floating towards them, the sides of its bulk just visible.

[Move: S, S, S, S]

Something began to round the pillar, a great orb of something, slowly but surely coming around on the western side of the pit.

[Move: SW, SW, SW, S]

Surprisingly it was Kireth that let out an involuntary gasp. The orb was a hulk of rotting flesh, stalks writhing on top, a great maw lined with broken and decaying teeth, and a huge black, empty eye socket at its centre.

The mage quickly looked up at the stalks and let out another gasp, this one in relief, as the stalks too contained empty pits at the end where Kireth surmised eyeballs once sat.

Lost Wraith #02

As the group were distracted by the new combatant, the apparition that had first floated in from the east closed in on them.

[Move: ] - interrupted!

The wisps and strands of shadow from Kireth’s last spell held the creature at bay, however.

[Kireth: Shadow Claws]

[Lost Wraith #02 takes 2+5: 7 cold damage]

[Damage reduced to 3 due to Insubstantial]

The shadows did not last long, though, imparting the apparition with one last flash of cold before they broke apart and dissipated.

[Move: SW, SW, SW, SW, SW]

The wraith floated in towards Kireth and Beltak, the pair unprotected at the rear of the group. It turned its arm towards Beltak and reached out for the scribe.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Primary Attack: 1d20+11: 31 vs Beltak’s Will (21)] - critical hit!

[Teleported to P10] and [Dazed and treats Lost Wraith #02 as Invisible (Save Ends Both)]

A surge of cold and pain danced through the scribe’s body and he felt himself shudder uncontrollably.

[Beltak: Saving Throw vs Teleport: 1d20+1: 12] - success!

[Beltak negates Teleport]

No further pain or cold came, though, just dizziness and his vision clouded in front of him.

Tradden Aversward

From his limited vantage point Tradden could see another wispy creature closing in on Beltak and Kireth, also something else lurking just out of sight.

The spinning of the blades was now a constant drone, making it hard to concentrate, never mind be heard.

‘Beltak, Kireth,… get in here!’

If they could all get into the room, he, Khalin, and maybe Beltak, who was armoured after all, could hold the doorway — but for that to happen everyone needed to be inside.

Oh, yes, and the creature in with them needed to be disposed of!

[Pass Forward]

[Move: W]

Side-stepping, he moved into a more advantageous position, putting the creature between him and his dwarven companion. Picking a safe set of footsteps through the rubble of the sarcophagus was difficult, but the fighter just about made it look easy, coming to a stop slightly above the apparition.

With that, he again attempted to lure the creature into a better position for the group.

[Footwork Lure]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01: 1d20+13+2: 23] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+7: 14] and [Marked]

[Damage reduced to 7 due to Insubstantial]

[Tradden: Shift: SE]

[Lost Wraith #01: Slides: S]

Tradden growled — his hits weren’t feeling solid enough, his blades just slowly slicing through the creature and coming out the other side. However, he did focus its attention away from Khalin, retreating back so that the warlord could move back whilst still guarding the door, and those outside could hopefully get in!

Beltak Ancaron

Beltak seemed stunned, almost unaware of where he was, groping around a little as if it were dark. The daze he was in had dulled his senses to the point that he turned his back fully on the apparition that loomed right next to him.

Hearing Tradden’s call he could only see another spectre within the chamber and drew on the only strength that had never failed him, that of his light, his Light of Pelor.

[Searing Light]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01’s Reflex] - interrupted!

As the scribe pulled out his symbol and raised it towards the chamber to his south the wraith behind him, strangely unnoticed by Beltak, clawed at his rear.

[Lost Wraith #01: Opportunity Attack - Lost Touch]

[Opportunity Attack: 1d20+11+2: 22 vs Beltak’s Reflex (17)] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+5: 11] and [-2 to attack rolls (Save Ends)]

The ethereal claw stabbed into Beltak’s shoulder, sending a shiver of cold through his body. He managed to keep his balance, however, and his symbol extended as a flash of light darted forth.

[Searing Light]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01’s Reflex: 1d20+9-2: 21] - hits!

[Damage: 2d6+5: 16 radiant] plus [5 radiant vulnerability damage] and [Bloodied]

[Lost Wraith #01 is Blinded until the end of Beltak’s next turn]

The light was blistering, cascading against the wraith’s visage, its translucent body writhing in pain against its power.

[Saving Throw vs Lost in Shadows: 1d20+1: 13] - success!

[Beltak is no longer Dazed] and [Lost Wraith #01 no longer invisible to Beltak]

[Saving Throw vs Lost Touch: 1d20+1: 11] - success!

[Beltak no longer suffers -2 attack penalty]

The faith in his deity rewarded the young scribe well as his senses quickly returned to him.

Lost Wraith #01

The wraith began to keen an eerie scream, thrashing from side to side as the light flooded into its eyes.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Recharge: 1d6: 4] - success!

It groped outwards with its limbs, trying to make contact with something, anything. But nothing could be found within its reach.

Kireth Majere

It didn’t happen often but Kireth agreed with Khalin, being stuck out here on the outside of the group was not where he needed to be right now. The wraith would likely get a clean swipe at him in the process but he had little choice if he wanted to get inside.

Perhaps a little disorientation for the spirit would aid him. He fixed it with the now familiar cold stare and brought forth memories of the wraiths own death.

[Nightmare Eruption]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #02’s Will: 1d20+11: 28] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+7: 10]

The spectre’s attention snapped abruptly around to the mage’s stare and the hands closed in. For a moment it looked as though the thing would consume Kireth, but then it flexed back and writhed, and its ethereal light pulsed and glowed.

Satisfied, and the spell cast, he turned to the priest. ‘Beltak, cover our rear,‘ he called as he attempted to join the others inside.

[Move: ] - interrupted!

Kireth’s foresight was correct. As he moved the apparition struck out with its arm.

[Lost Wraith #02: Opportunity Attack - Lost Touch]

[Opportunity Attack: 1d20+11: 22 vs Kireth’s Reflex (20)] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+5: 7] and [-2 to attack rolls (Save Ends)]

The touch was cold, and nearly halted the mage, but he kept to his plan.

[Move: …, SE, E, SW]

Darting into the small crypt, the mage gathered his breath.

[Saving Throw vs Lost Touch: 1d20: 18] - success!

[Kireth no longer suffers -2 attack penalty]

Gradually the warmth returned to the wizard’s body.

Zero Uhlit

Taking advantage of the ethereal creature’s sudden loss of vision, the rogue scampered around the small crypt, preferring to take a slightly circuitous route rather than step across the rubble of the exploded sarchophagus.

[Move: N, NE, SE]

He kept his crossbow levelled at the thing all of the time, just in case, but he managed to get to his destination unscathed. Point blank, he fired at the wraith’s flank.

[Sly Flourish]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01: 1d20+10+2: 14] - misses!

The bolt skimmed straight through the spectre’s shimmering body and slammed into the stonework at its far side without so much as drawing a flinch from it.

Lost Wraith #03

The third of the trio of wraiths glided in from above the spinning blades, its arms outstretched as it sensed the light and life in the scribe at the edge of the platform.

[Move: SW, SW, SW, S]

It gathered speed as it closed in and clawed at the priest, who tried to fend the thing off with his shield.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Primary Attack: 1d20+11: 25 vs Beltak’s Will (21)] - hits!

[Teleported to O11] and [Dazed and treats Lost Wraith #03 as Invisible (Save Ends Both)]

A numbness spread across the scribe’s chest and he almost fainted.

[Beltak: Saving Throw vs Teleport: 1d20+1: 3] - failure!

One moment the scribe was stood on a solid surface and the next he was in the air, above the spinning blades. He was left helpless as he fell towards them.

[Blades: Slice Attack]

[Close Burst 3]

[Burst Attack: 1d20+12: 28 vs Beltak’s AC (20)] - hits!

[Damage: 3d8+4: 18] and [Bloodied]

One of the blades swept in just as the scribe fell, catching him midriff, and spinning him underneath where he tumbled towards the floor of the pit.

[Beltak: Falling]

[Damage: 3d10: 14] and [Prone]

Beltak landed on his back, the wind taken out of him, dazed and confused and his body aching and battered.

Khalin Grundokri

‘Beltak!’ yelled Khalin, as he watched the priest helplessly tumble into the pit. Cursing himself for allowing the young scribe to be caught unguarded, the dwarf quickly weighed up his options.

‘Hang in there, m’lad!’ he called, hoping to keep the priest’s spirits up despite being separated from the group.

[Move: N]

Khalin sensed the priest was likely on his own this time however, and decided attack was the best form of defense. ‘Pick on someone your own size!’ challenged the warlord as he lashed out with his craghammer.

[Provoke Overextension]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #02: 1d20+12: 27] - hits!

[Damage: 2d10r2+8: 25]

[Damage reduced to 12 due to Insubstantial] and [Bloodied]

[Lost Wraith #02 must make a Melee Basic Attack vs Khalin]

[Khalin gains +4 to AC vs this attack]

[Lost Wraith #02: Lost Touch]

[Free Attack: 1d20+11: 14 vs Khalin’s Reflex (16)] - misses!

[Zero may make a Basic Attack vs Lost Wraith #02]

Neatly parrying the wraith’s slash with his shield, the warlord deftly stepped forward to allow Zero a clear shot.

[Zero: Ranged Basic Attack - Hand Crossbow]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #02: 1d20+10+2: 28] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+4+4: 10] plus [2d8: 5 sneak damage]

[Damage reduced to 7 due to Insubstantial]

Zero looked up momentarily, attracted by Khalin’s roar and let fly with his crossbow, barely thinking. This time the rogue’s aim was true and it cut through the wraith’s shadowy form.

Hulker Zombie

As Khalin attacked, parried, and ordered efforts to slay the wraiths, the large orb continued to make its way slowly and surely over the pit and the blades.

[Move: S, S, S, SE]

It seemed content to sit beyond the wraiths for now, out of reach of the warlord, trying to sense a way to reach the living.

Lost Wraith #02

The wraith on Khalin’s left flank slipped to his side, trying to find an unprotected side.

[Shift: S]

It waited at the warlord’s side, darting to and from, gathering its strength.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Recharge: 1d6: 3] - failure!

Hissing at the dwarf it tried to claw at him around the side of his shield.

[Lost Touch]

[Primary Attack: 1d20+11: 15 vs Khalin’s Reflex (16)] - misses!

The warlord was too wily for the creature’s strike, however, pushing out his shield and keeping a careful distance.

Tradden Aversward

As was the norm once battle was commenced, Tradden was aware of “something” happening not too far away — just outside the doorway in this case. However, he needed to stay until this creature was taken care of!

Bringing his longsword around from behind in a large arc, Tradden prepared to smite the creature!

[Surprising Stab]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01’s Reflex: 1d20+13+2: 32] - hits!

[Damage: 4] and [Grants Combat Advantage] and [Marked]

[Damage reduced to 2 due to Insubstantial]

[Secondary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01: 1d20+12+2: 15] - critical miss!

It was a fake however! Tradden knew he had the thing foxed… and then realised that, in fact, he hadn’t as the creature was blinded. His amazing showmanship was for nought. Actually, it got worse as the momentary lapse of concentration saw him scrape his longsword on the wall behind him, completely ruining the strike.

He still had opportunity to poke the wraith a little with his short sword. ‘Ha!’ he offered, limply.

Deciding to stay where he was, he hunkered down — determined they could clear this room as a safe area, of sorts.

Beltak Ancaron

The blades spinning above did not help Beltak orient himself. He was dizzy and could see stars and his back felt as though it were on fire. He thought about beginning to stand, but couldn’t face the nausea he knew it would bring. Instead he had to help his friends.

It was nearly all he could do to pull out his symbol of Pelor and mutter the words he needed.

[Light of Arvandor]

[Burst 1 centred on R8] with [Damage: 1d8+5: 11]

[Burst Attack vs Lost Wraith #02’s Will: 1d20+9: 27] - hits!

[Damage: 11 radiant] plus [5 radiant vulnerability damage]

[Burst Attack vs Lost Wraith #03’s Will: 1d20+9: 26] - hits!

[Damage: 11 radiant] plus [5 radiant vulnerability damage]

[Burst Attack vs Hulker Zombie’s Will: 1d20+9: 23] - hits!

[Damage: 11 radiant] plus [10 radiant vulnerability damage]

[Khalin gains +2 AC until end of Beltak’s next turn]

A flash of strong yellow light surrounded Khalin, refreshing the warlord, but searing into the flesh of the giant orb next to him, burning its rotting carcass. The wraiths too, recoiled at the light and wisps of steam rose to the ceiling.

Beltak relaxed back onto the floor to gather his breath.

[Saving Throw vs Lost in Shadows: 1d20+1: 15] - success!

[Beltak is no longer Dazed] and [Lost Wraith #03 no longer invisible to Beltak]

Slowly the scribe gathered his wits, and despite being prostrate on the floor and aching from head to toe he felt he could continue.

Lost Wraith #01

As Beltak settled back on the floor of the pit, the searing light that had blinded the wraith in the small crypt appeared to fade. It’s disoriented thrashing came to an abrupt end and it swivelled around to face Tradden.

Whilst the young fighter berated himself for catching the wall with his sword the spectre reached out with an ethereal hand.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Primary Attack: 1d20+11: 15 vs Tradden’s Will (19)] - misses!

Whether by luck or by judgement Tradden managed to dodge the attack, swinging to one side as the creature struck out at his flank.

Kireth Majere

The small crypt was not the haven he would have hoped for but he could certainly help do something about that. Additionally, clearing the room of the wraith would free up Zero and Tradden to help the others.

First, to get the creature’s undivided attention. Kireth raised his staff higher as the usual yellow glow crept lighter and lighter before it shone a brilliant white.

[Staff of Light]

[Until the light spell ends, undead creatures within the radius of the light at the start of their turn take 1 radiant damage]

The wraith, now caught within the mage’s aura, was then forced to deal with the half-elf’s own icy glare.

[Nightmare Eruption]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #01’s Will: 1d20+11: 24] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+7: 14] and [Destroyed]

The spectre had turned swiftly around when Kireth’s staff grew in brightness, shielding its blackened recesses of eyes from the glare. It writhed uncontrollably as the mage softly chanted and at the peak of its thrashing it seemed to explode in an ethereal shower.

Zero Uhlit

As the wraith beside him disintegrated and the others shrivelled back at Kireth’s light, Zero took the opportunity to sneak back into the corner of the crypt.

[Fleeting Ghost]

[Move: SW, W]

[Stealth Check: 1d20+15: 20] - success!

[Zero is hidden from all enemies and gains Combat Advantage]

From there he kneeled and took careful aim at the wraith above the blades.

[Gloaming Cut]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #03: 1d20+9+2: 28] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+1+2: 7] plus [2d8: 7 sneak damage]

[Damage reduced to 7 due to Insubstantial]

[Stealth Check: 1d20+15: 34] - success!

[Zero is hidden from all enemies and gains Combat Advantage]

The bolt sliced through the creature’s translucent body, but this time appeared to cause some harm, the spectre glancing down at the shreds of its shoulder for a swift moment and trying to seek out from whence the missile came.

Lost Wraith #03

Shaking off the effects of the bolt, the wraith still had the bright light of the mage’s staff to contend with. It burnt into its essence, drawing off wisps of shadow.

[Kireth: Staff of Light]

[Lost Wraith #03 takes 1 radiant damage plus 5 radiant vulnerability damage]

It screeched as the radiant energy seared its form as it tried to shield itself behind the form of Khalin and renew its energy.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Recharge: 1d6: 3] - failure!

It appeared to falter for a moment, before striking out at the dwarf before it with a backhanded strike.

[Lost Touch]

[Primary Attack: 1d20+11: 28 vs Khalin’s Reflex (16)] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+5: 11] and [Khalin takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (Save Ends)]

The wraith’s incorporeal claws bit into the dwarf’s midriff with an icy chill, freezing the warlord for some moments.

Khalin Grundokri

Khalin could hear quite a commotion coming from the chamber behind him. The string of muffled yet indignant curses emanating from within didn’t sound promising though. Time to take care of the blighters outside, lest the dwarf’s craghammer be needed elsewhere.

He heaved at the spectre to his left.

[Melee Basic Attack - Craghammer]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #02: 1d20+12-2: 23] - hits!

[Damage: 1d10r2+8: 17]

[Damage reduced to 8 due to Insubstantial] and [Destroyed]

With a high-pitched keen the insubstantial figure faded into nothingness.

Using the swing of the craghammer as momentum, Khalin whirled around and to his right, trying to get himself between the remaining wraith and the rest of the group.

[Shift: E]

He held out his shield before him, waiting for the creature to make its move, cautious of the floating orb to his left.

[Saving Throw vs Lost Touch: 1d20: 18] - success!

[Khalin no longer suffers -2 attack penalty]

Set in combat, with his friends at his back, the warlord felt strength and confidence grow.

Hulker Zombie

The orb brute closed in on the warlord, not at a breakneck speed, but the bulk of its frame and the menacing maw made it look as though it were moving faster than it actually was.

[Move: SE]

It didn’t simply stop coming, however, and closed right in on the dwarf, crushing him against the statue behind, trying to rotate and get purchase with the jagged, rotting teeth within its huge drooling mouth.

[Zombie Smash]

[Primary Attack vs Khalin’s AC (23+2): 1d20+12: 26] - hits!

[Damage: 4d8+5: 27] and [Knocked Prone] and [Bloodied]

The strength and force of the thing was incredible, pushing the warlord down to the ground…

[Khalin: Stand Your Ground]

[Saving Throw vs Prone: 1d20: 14] - success!

[Khalin negates being knocked Prone]

…but Khalin was descended from stout stock and he would not be bowed by the brute, standing his ground.

Tradden Aversward

Tradden darted forwards, keen to join Beltak and Khalin on the front line.

[Move: N, N, NW, N]

The scribe was nowhere to be seen, and the warlord was just getting up from the floor. Tradden’s next quip would have probably had a bit more to it, were it not for the large, floating ball-like monstrosity in front of him.

‘It’s okay…’ the fighter panted. ‘I’m here now…!’

With that, he flicked his blades out, left and right, to make sure that the creatures knew he was there as well.

[Dual Strike]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #03: 1d20+13: 19] - misses!


[Secondary Attack vs Hulker Zombie: 1d20+12: 23] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+3: 8] and [Marked]

That seemed to do the trick. If he could keep their attention, his comrades should be able to do the damage needed to put them down.

‘Hey…’ he said to Khalin, in casual conversation style, ‘…where’s Beltak?’

Beltak Ancaron

From the floor of the pit below the spinning blades the scribe weakly replied. ‘Here,’ he croaked as he shifted himself across the floor to get underneath the creatures and closer to the group.

[Crawl: SW, SW, SW]

Without raising himself from the floor he uttered a few words of encouragement the warlord’s way.

[Healing Word]

[Khalin spends a Healing Surge and regains 2d6+15+4: 31 hit points]

[Khalin is no longer Bloodied]

Light spewed from the dark recess of the pit, engulfing the dwarf, breathing life and energy into him and forcing the abomination back.

Beltak cleared his throat and tried once again. ‘Down here,’ he called, this time with a little more energy. He began to concentrate on the blades rotating above him, waiting for just the right moment.

[Lance of Faith]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #03’s Reflex: 1d20+9: 28] - hits!

[Damage: 1d8+5: 12 radiant] plus [5 radiant vulnerability damage] and [Bloodied]

A shaft of light darted from Beltak’s symbol and struck the last of the spectres in the back, searing off part of its shoulder blade in a hiss of shadow.

Kireth Majere

The dwarf apparently didn’t care for the plight of Beltak, clearly backing off to try hide behind the nearest statue. Well, this mage would not stand for that, striding boldly forward so that his “holy” light would scold the unholy creatures.

[Move: E, N]

Calling upon the shadows, Kireth clenched his fist and threw a firm punch in the air towards the hulking orb creature.

[Spectral Ram]

[Primary Attack vs Hulker Zombie’s Fortitude: 1d20+11: 24] - hits!

[Damage: 2d10+7: 21] and [Push: NW, NW, NW/D] and [Bloodied]

Kireth sneered as the orb flew backwards with the force of his spell, trying to drive the creature downwards, as well as away, and into the spinning blades.

[Zombie Hulker: Saving Throw vs Forced Movement into Danger: 1d20+2: 8] - failure!

The undead creature, however, seemed helpless to prevent itself from dropping into the plane of the blades as they swung round.

[Blades: Slice Attack]

[Close Burst 3]

[Burst Attack: 1d20+12: 27 vs Hulker Zombie’s AC] - hits!

[Damage: 3d8+4: 18]

The abomination nearly made it through the blades unscathed until one whipped around and sliced through several of the thing’s stalks protruding from the top of the orb.

‘You can join the attack now,’ he called to Khalin

Zero Uhlit

With the action now taking place outside of the small crypt, Zero snuck forwards to get a better line on the last remaining wraith.

[Fleeting Ghost]

[Move: N, N]

[Stealth Check: 1d20+15: 26] - success!

[Zero is hidden from all enemies and gains Combat Advantage]

Staying in the shadows he tried to pick the creature out behind Kireth’s and Khalin’s frames, as well as through the stone doorway. When he got the chance, he let fly.

[Gloaming Cut]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #03: 1d20+9+2-2: 24] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+1+2: 7] plus [2d8: 4 sneak damage]

[Damage reduced to 5 due to Insubstantial]

[Stealth Check: 1d20+15: 25] - success!

[Zero is hidden from all enemies and gains Combat Advantage]

He dodged down again as the bolt whipped through the spectre.

Lost Wraith #03

The wraith was transfixed, unable to retreat as Tradden’s blades were ready to pounce, and yet the radiant light from mage’s staff was all to keen to burn it.

[Kireth: Staff of Light]

[Lost Wraith #03 takes 1 radiant damage plus 5 radiant vulnerability damage]

The light burnt away at the wraith’s rapidly dimishing form, shadows peeling off and dissipating into the air.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Recharge: 1d6: 5] - success!

The dark pits of eyes still seemed to glow, however, as the creature’s arms reached out for Tradden.

[Lost In Shadows]

[Primary Attack: 1d20+11: 22 vs Tradden’s Will (19)] - hits!

[Teleported to N12/U2] and [Dazed and treats Lost Wraith #03 as Invisible (Save Ends Both)]

The cold claws of the wraith brushed against Tradden’s chest and the young fighter could barely breathe for a moment, so cold was the touch. He felt dizzy as his head began to swim.

[Tradden: Saving Throw vs Teleport: 1d20+1: 5] - failure!

The young fighter blinked as the world came back into focus, but it was not the wraith in front of him he saw, but the ceiling of the dome of the pit, mere inches from his face. An odd feeling overtook his stomach as he twisted and then started to fall towards the blades that were now below him.

[Blades: Slice Attack]

[Close Burst 3]

[Burst Attack: 1d20+12: 26 vs Tradden’s AC (22)] - hits!

[Damage: 3d8+4: 20]

One of the blades swept into his legs as he fell, spinning Tradden around in mid air as he accelerated towards the floor of the pit.


[Damage: 5d10: 39]

[Acrobatics Check: 1d20+12: 19] - success!

[Tradden reduces damage by half of Acrobatics check to 30 damage] and [Bloodied]

[Lands without being Prone]

The spin almost helped the young fighter, however, using the momentum and the weight of his blades to rotate himself around just in time before the ground came up beneath him. The pain was excruciating in his legs, and for a moment he was unsure if he’d broken an ankle, but he managed to land upright and facing Beltak, even managing a quick wink, before pain started to make him feel sick.

Khalin Grundokri

Despite the warlord’s willpower, the elf’s continued blathering was starting to annoy Khalin. Kireth had supposedly been shunned by his people — it was becoming easy to see why. Still, this was hardly the time for petty feuds. Tradden and Beltak were vulnerable and in mortal danger.

The dwarf once again glanced at the drop. Could he jump it? He was certainly sturdy but didn’t back his ability to make the leap without serious injury — which wouldn’t help either of his friends. Still, he may have to take the risk soon.

‘Stay strong! We will prevail!’ he called, his voice loud and sonorous as it echoed around the chamber. The rally cry lifted his comrades spirits.

[Stand Tough]

[Khalin gains 10+4: 14 hit points]

[Kireth gains 10+4: 14 hit points]

[Tradden gains 10+4: 14 hit points]

[Beltak gains 10+4: 14 hit points]

The wraith before him snarled in response, and the dwarf wasted no time bringin his craghammer to bear once more…

[Melee Basic Attack - Craghammer]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #03: 1d20+12+2: 18] - misses!

The swing was wild and missed the wraith by some distance.

Khalin snarled at himself this time for the poor effort. Looking around to work out his next move he spied the young fighter. Tradden was still on his haunches below, though like a cat the lad had somehow landed on his feet, the dwarf noted with admiration.

[Inspiring Word]

[Tradden spends a Healing Surge and regains 2d6+20: 27 hit points]

[Tradden is no longer Bloodied]

[Last Legion Officer: Tradden receives +2 to AC and Reflex until start of next turn]

‘Head up, Tradden!’ Khalin called. ‘Can you get to Beltak?’

[Action Point]

The wraith was ready once more, and seemed to shift around the hammer’s head as the increasingly frustrated warlord swung at it wildly once more.

[Melee Basic Attack - Craghammer]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #03: 1d20+12: 17] - misses!

And wild indeed it was, the spectre easily able to dodge the weary attack. Still, Khalin took some solace in the fact that while he was keeping it occupied, it wasn't attacking his stricken friends below.

Hulker Zombie

The zombie hulk did not show any outward sign of distress or bewilderment at being pushed down through the blades. In fact, it did not even seem to be bothered about moving into the searing light from Kireth’s staff.

[Kireth: Staff of Light]

[Hulker Zombie takes 1 radiant damage plus 10 radiant vulnerability damage]

Ignoring the taunts and flashing blades still coming from a dazed Tradden, it floated down and towards Beltak with its jaws wide open.

[Move: SE/D, SE/D]

The behemoth was soon down to Beltak’s level and pitched its maw towards the stricken scribe.

[Zombie Smash]

[Recharge: 1d6: 2] - failure!

Instead of crushing Beltak against the floor it decided to use its gaping maw, opening its jaws and closing in on him.


[Primary Attack vs Beltak’s AC (20): 1d20+12+2: 18] - misses!

The priest had managed to gain some sense of his wits, however, and managed to roll to the side before the rotting teeth closed in.

[Action Point]

As the scribe rolled over, however, he exposed his back and the thing closed in for a second time.


[Primary Attack vs Beltak’s AC (20): 1d20+12+2: 23] - hits!

[Damage: 2d6+5: 15]

The bite crushed through Beltak’s armour and the scribe let out a howl.

Tradden Aversward

Somehow, Tradden was still alive, and still on his feet. His brain didn’t think that was all that great however, as it was currently somewhere else. And it showed — the fighter swayed from side to side.

Ahead of him he could see a couple of, well, blobs. They were all fuzzy and dark. ‘Big… blob… is… zombie…’ he mused to himself, slowly.

Some inner sense of “right” drove him forward and he ran at the thing…


[Charge: SW, SW, SW, W]

[Primary Attack vs Hulker Zombie: 1d20+13+1: 17] - misses!


In fact, he litterally ran at the thing. To those which could see the fighter’s efforts, the decision not to even raise a sword was a bad one. Tradden’s head and shoulders just buffeted against the round creature, and he bounced back, gently, into a position next to the prostrate Beltak. The tall human looked down.

‘Hello, Beltak,’ he smiled, in equal measures of warmth and distraction.

[Saving Throw vs Lost in Shadows: 1d20+1: 2] - critical failure!

Tradden’s brain, already packing to go on holiday to one of the Islands’ better sea-front vacation spots, decided that the luggage could go to the hells, and just strode off into the distance.

‘La,la la,’ the human sang to himself.

Beltak Ancaron

The scribe rolled over and looked up briefly at Tradden with a puzzled expression on his face. The young fighter was acting strangely, even for him. However, what came into view quickly was the giant frame of the lifeless orb above him and Beltak resolved to destroy the thing.

‘Begone!’ he called, pushing his symbol out before him.

[Turn Undead]

[Close Burst 2 centered on Beltak] with [Damage 1d10+5: 12]

[Burst Attack vs Hulker Zombie’s Will: 1d20+9: 21] - hits!

[Damage: 12] plus [10 radiant vulnerability damage] and [Push: NW, NW, NW] and [Immobilized until end of Beltak’s next turn] and [Destroyed]

The orb tumbled over and over away from Beltak, surrounded in a brilliant white light. It crashed against the wall of the pit, upside down, smoking, and still.

With the creature away from him, Beltak took a moment to stand.

[Move: Stand]

He rocked for a moment, regarding the hulk at the far side of the pit, and spat blood to one side. Looking up he could still see the shadow etherealness of one wraith, Tradden seemingly oblivious to its presence just above their heads and the rotating blades.

[Action Point]

The priest raised his arms, uncannily akin to the statues adorning the alcoves and entrances to the small crypts before uttering a sharp prayer.

[Sacred Flame]

[Primary Attack vs Lost Wraith #03’s Reflex: 1d20+9-2: 21] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+5: 8] plus [5 radiant vulnerability damage] and [Destroyed]

[Tradden can make a saving throw]

Burning yellow light burst upwards from Beltak’s symbol, cascading against the blades, making the dome pulse with light, engulfing the wraith whilst bathing Tradden in a glorious glow.

[Tradden: Saving Throw vs Lost in Shadows: 1d20+1: 14] - success!

[Tradden is no longer Dazed]

The wraith faded to nothingness within the power of the light, simply melting into the air. The light worked differently on Tradden, however, filling the young fighter with vigour and clearing his dizzied head.

Kireth Majere

With the cascade of light stretching upwards and the obliteration of the wraith, Kireth stepped slowly forwards to contemplate the pit and the rapidly spinning blades.

[Move: N]

He peered at the construction of the central column from the relative safety of the alcove, ignoring the groans of his comrades below.

[Kireth Perception Check: 1d20+4: 7] - failure!

‘Hmm,’ the mage mused to himself. Turning back towards the door he called out to the still hidden rogue. ‘Zero, I think this is more mechanical than magical. You wouldn’t want me to get my hands dirty, now, would you?’

Zero Uhlit

Zero hopped over to the edge of the pit.

[Move: E, N, NW]

The whooshing blades looked incredibly dangerous. Perhaps there was a way to disable them from the central column, if he could get there. And that wasn’t even considering the thirty foot or so drop below.

He bit his lips and rubbed his fingers nervously. Then he turned to Tradden.

‘You’re pretty nimble, old chum,’ he said with a hopeful smile. ‘I bet you could get over there quick as a hiccup.’

Khalin Grundokri

Khalin breathed a sigh of relief as first the giant spherical horror and then the remaining wraith were both neutralised by his comrades. ‘We need a rest,’ he murmured under his breath.

The dwarf regarded the spinning contraption ahead. As a craftsman he admired the skill to produce such a machine, even if the purpose behind it seemed somewhat misguided. He studied the central pillar, which while rotating at the same rate was moving much less quickly than the blades…

[Khalin Dungeoneering Check: 1d20+6: 24] - success!

‘The mechanism that drives the blades must be connected inside the pillar,’ he mused aloud. ‘If we can break it open, perhaps we can damage and stop it.’

The dwarf turned to Kireth, swallowing the urge to have it out with the elf right there. ‘What do you think, Kireth, could you blast it open? The weak spot will be just above the blades I suspect.’

Tradden Aversward

Tradden could hear voices above — calm enough to give the impression that the immediate danger was over. Still, he and Beltak were trapped in the pit, and whilst the cleric seemed better than after his fall, he was not going anywhere anytime soon.

‘Stay here, ’Tak, I will go see what’s going on.’

[Move: N, N, N]

Spitting on his gloved hands and rubbing them together, the fighter strode slowly over to the central column. No point in rushing this.

Sizing up the rough stone, he figured it was probably not massively hard to climb.

[Athletics Check: 1d20+14: 17] - success!

[Move: U, U, U, U, U]

Taking a standing leap he jumped as high as he could and ‘hugged’ it, before starting to shin up, slowly but surely.

Reaching as far as he could before the still-spinning blades would give him a haircut he wouldn’t forget in a hurry, he stopped to consider his next move.

Beltak Ancaron

The scribe started to dust himself off, testing his limbs where they were bruised and battered, and slowly followed the path of the young fighter to the base of the column.

[Move: N, N, N]

‘Anything I can do, Tradden?’ Beltak offered, without making any move to copy the young fighter’s climbing antics.

Kireth Majere

Kireth’s many misgivings about the dwarf did not extend to his understanding of mechanisms and the such like. The mage was as intrigued by mechanisms, such as this, as the next learned scholar, but the dwarvern race’s seeming inherent ability to just “get it” with these contraptions should not be underestimated. No point in having an expert if you’re not going to use him.

‘Very well, Khalin, I shall,‘ he paused, ‘“blast it” as you say.’

[Force Orb]

[Primary Attack vs Central Pillar’s Reflex: 1d20+11: 31] - critical hit!

[Damage: 2d8+7: 23] plus [1d6: 4 critical damage]

[Secondary Burst 1 centred on Central Pillar] with [Damage: 1d10+7: 9]

[Secondary Attack vs Central Pillar’s Reflex: 1d20+11: 18] - hits!

[Damage: 9]

A white ball of force flew from Kireth’s staff, exploding against the central pillar just above the blades. As it hit, the pillar cracked, as though it were had been a leg that had been sharply broken.

Below the blades, Tradden tried desperately to cling on, as the whole column shuddered and started to jerk to one side, driven by the force of the blades.

[Tradden Athletics Check: 1d20+13: 15] - failure!

His fingertips clutched at air as his hold on the pillar slipped away, fortunately just in time as a short length of chain whipped around, out of the centre of the broken column and barely missed his head.

As he fell backwards he saw the blades begin to slow, grating and groaning against broken chains and the shattered stone of the column.

[Tradden Acrobatics Check: 1d20+12: 31] - success!

[Tradden reduces damage by half of Acrobatics check to 10 damage]

[Lands without being Prone]

Just as the young fighter was about to strike the ground he curled into a roll, hitting the deck with a shoulder, but rolling over to soften the blow, before ending up on his feet.

With a frown he began to look up at the others on the ledge above him, when he notices out of the corner of his eye one of the blades heading his and Beltak’s way, arcing downwards.

[Blades: Slice Attack]

[Close Burst 3]

[Burst Attack: 1d20+12: 23 vs Tradden’s AC (23)] - hits!

[Damage: 3d8+4: 20] and [Bloodied]

[Burst Attack: 1d20+12: 18 vs Beltak’s AC (20)] - misses!

The blade caught Tradden in the midriff, tumbling him over the top, and missing Beltak by mere inches.

As the young fighter righted himself he saw it slow, braked by the broken chains and mechansim, as it thudded into the ball of rotting flesh they had dipatched earlier.

‘What the…’ Tradden began, before the hairs on the back of his neck began to stand.

[Hulker Zombie: Rise Again]

Turning quickly about he saw the loathsome orb rise from the floor and orient itself, its maw turning towards him and Beltak.

‘Thanks, guys,’ Tradden whispered through gritted teeth, as he started to reach for his swords.

Zero Uhlit

Whilst the others hesitated, Zero acted without any delay, dropping to one knee, drawing a bolt from his quiver and slotting it into his crossbow. It only took a moment to aim at the advancing orb before he let fly.

[Gloaming Cut]

[Primary Attack vs Hulker Zombie: 1d20+9: 28] - hits!

[Damage: 1d6+1+2: 9]

[Shift: W]

[Stealth Check: 1d20+15: 16] - critical failure!

The bolt hit home as the rogue rolled over to his left, trying to get some cover by the statue. It was a clumsy effort, though, Zero’s leg dropping off the edge of the alcove and nearly had him tumbling into the pit. Sheepishly, he rose out of his crouch and backed up to the statue, trying to hide his reddening face in what little shadows Kireth’s light made.

Khalin Grundokri

Khalin brought his gauntlet up to his face in dismay as he watched the spinning contraption explode and collapse above his friends. ‘By Moradin’s Beard, Kireth, you could’ve warned them first!’ he exclaimed in surprise. But any snide rejoinder from the elf was cut off as the rotting orb of flesh somehow rose once more to attack their comrades below.

The dwarf considered for the briefest moment directing Zero to loose another bolt at the thing, but instead hurried to the lip of the pit and looked for a way down.

Khalin clambered over the lip, the wreckage leaned against the rock offering some extra hand-holds as the dwarf descended as quickly as he dared. His hammer clanked against the rock as he held on to its haft, making the climb harder, but the warlord gamely hung on.

[Athletics Check: 1d20+13: 27] - success!

[Move: D/SW, D/W, D/W, D, D]

About a dozen feet from the bottom Khalin swung his bulk round and launched himself at the approaching monster, deftly bringing his craghammer to bear as he plummeted towards the creature.


[Charge: NW, N, NW]

[Primary Attack vs Hulker Zombie: 1d20+12+1: 29] - hits!

[Damage: 1d10r2+8: 15] plus [1d8: 2 charge damage]

[Allies gain +1 to attack and +4 to damage rolls against all enemies until the start of Khalin’s next turn]

The reckless clamber down and charge against the monster paid dividends, as the hammer crashed into its flesh with a sickening squelch.

Tradden Aversward

‘Nice one!’ exclaimed Tradden, as the warlord raced past and slammed into the big… blob, thing. ‘That’s more like it.’

Drawing his own swords, the fighter charged into the fray!


[Charge: W, NW]

[Primary Attack vs Hulker Zombie: 1d20+13+1+1: 17] - misses!


The toil of the day was starting to show, however, and Tradden splashed up against the eyeless fiend, in the way a small, frothy wave crashes upon a mighty cliff.

‘Erm…’ was all the human could muster, the sweat now pouring off his brow.

Hulker Zombie

The eyeless orb rolled with the impact of Khalin’s hammer, but came about swifter than expected to face Tradden’s weak blow.

[Zombie Smash]

[Recharge: 1d6: 5] - success!

It seemed to search out one of the two through smell or instinct, biting down on the young fighter with incredible pressure.

[Zombie Smash]

[Primary Attack vs Tradden’s AC (22): 1d20+12: 32] - critical hit!

[Damage: 4d8+5: 37] and [Knocked Prone] and [Dying]

Tradden’s weak effort had been met with the full weight of the hulking orb bearing down on him, biting at him with half-broken and rotted teeth as it continued to press down, forcing the young fighter to the floor and then incessantly crushing him against the stone.

The pain of the bites seemed light in comparison to the three ribs that popped and then broke one by one.

‘Nice one,‘ he whispered meekly. Then darkness overtook him.

‘No!’ barked Khalin as the monster flattened his friend.

[Khalin: Fearless Rescue]

[Khalin can attempt to rescue Tradden]

The warlord managed to recover from his latest swing quickly, using the turn of the creature to add speed to another swing, hoping to roll the damned thing away from Tradden.

[Khalin: Fearless Rescue Melee Basic Attack - Craghammer]

[Primary Attack vs Hulker Zombie: 1d20+13: 31] - hits!

[Damage: 2d10r2+8: 22] and [Destroyed]

[Tradden spends a Healing Surge and regains 20 hit points]

[Last Legion Officer: Tradden receives +2 to AC and Reflex until start of next turn]

[Tradden is no longer Dying]

Khalin’s strike was true, catching the hulking orb in its empty eye socket, crushing what little neromantic power it had remaining and forcing it off of the young fighter below.

It rolled towards the central pillar, this time hopefully to remain stationary for good, freeing Tradden to cough up some blood and groan.

‘Nice…one…’ he managed, before the pain in his ribs made him wince once more.



[Combat Encounter Completed]

Short Rest


Healing Surges

Healing Surges are applied.

[Khalin spends 0 healing surges (5 left) to get to 61/61 hit points]

[Kireth spends 0 healing surge (4 left) to get to 52/52 hit points]

[Tradden spends 2 healing surges (0 left) to get to 54/70 hit points]

[Zero spends 0 healing surges (2 left) to get to 60/60 hit points]

[Beltak spends 0 healing surges (0 left) to get to 8/58 hit points]

Encounter Powers

All encounter powers are recharged.


No milestones reached.


Experience awarded.

[Khalin gains 459 xp to reach 13,477 xp]

[Kireth gains 460 xp to reach 13,466 xp]

[Tradden gains 459 xp to reach 13,484 xp]

[Zero gains 459 xp to reach 13,483 xp]


No-one is ready to progress.



[…continued in Book #01, Chapter #10, Scene #13…]