Tradden Aversward

Young Tradden Aversward has no damn right to be where is right now. Exactly how does a product of the Mavens end up adventuring in the Old Lands?

The only boy from large family in one of Deepingwald's more underprivileged inner city boroughs with nothing else to his name, Tradden focused one the one advantage he was born with — his ambidextrous athleticism! Left to his own devices by a single mother with more than enough on her plate Tradden's later work-hard ethic was largely impressed on him by dwarvish neighbour Mr Ironfoot, who set the Aversward boy onto all things cultured, both human and dwarvish.

A willing learner and studious, if not quite learned, academic, Tradden often surprises even the most cynical of mages with knowledge and understanding, albeit only rarely. If anything, Tradden shows equal measure of wise common sense in turn with foolhardy rashness.

In recent times, the hidden depths beneath his dapper, romantic, gentlemanly, swashbuckling image are starting to shine through his often klutzy, overenthusiastic ungainly antics. Certainly those who dismiss the foppish, awkward Tradden underestimate his tenacity and, literally (so far), never-say-die attitude. His loyalty to his friends seemingly knows no bounds and on more than one occasion an enemy who believed a seemingly killing-blow to the armoured warrior had opened up an easy route to the squishy mage and rogue behind him had been stopped in their tracks by the resilient young human standing up and barring the way once more!

In combat Tradden's style is clean cut precision combined with impressively ambidextrous, athletic movement and grace — a throwback to his unlikely history as a champion dancer of the cut-throat Deepingwald dance circuit. High risks mean high rewards for Tradden whose show stopping high-wire escapades have show, well, call it what you will skill, luck, favour of a god, bravery or foolishness!

So, if the strategists and leaders back in Blackengorge are truly aware of the mounting threat the old lands poses it is entirely probable that they would not chose Tradden Aversward to stand at the very of the vanguard of the last hope for the free peoples. However, that is what they have!

‘I don't believe we've met — Tradden Aversward, at your service!’

‘Strong, silent type eh? Well, no probl… hey, that's a large club…’


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