Book #01


Book One, Prelude
Empty Mansion

The prelude chapter of the Blackengorge Saga starts with the heroes joining together at an abandoned mansion outside of the city of Deepingwald on The Islands. Finding a gang of bandits and defeating them leads to great adventure as they are asked to set sail on The Guiding Fire as she heads back to the Old Continent and the settlement of Blackengorge.

However, the voyage is cut short as a band of goblinoid pirates attack the ship and a gargantuan sea beast, the kraken, crushes the ship into splinters. The heroes are cast into the sea and to certain doom, but with luck, and perhaps small divine guidance, they somehow are rescued, found in a bobbing rowboat within the bay of Blackengorge.

Book One, Chapter One
Into the Shadowhaunt

The first chapter sees our intrepid heroes act on behalf of the Blackengorge Town Council, searching for and finding two lost sons of the town in a nearby mausoleum. This mausoleum, and the secret chambers beneath, have been populated by a mad half-elf, called Helvec, who seeks to sacrifice the two boys for his own nefarious ends.

Through strength, wits, and magic the group stop the villain's plans and return as heroes to the small town, the boys safely rescued. Some lore of the world they now live in is found, but further mysteries deepen.

Book One, Chapter Two
An Odd Couple

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Book One, Chapter Three
The Doors Beyond

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Book One, Chapter Four
The Goblin's Lair

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Book One, Chapter Five
The Road Eastwards

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Book One, Chapter Six
The Forest Ruins, Part I

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Book One, Chapter Seven
The Forest Ruins, Part II

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Book One, Chapter Eight
The Forest Ruins, Part III

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Book One, Chapter Nine
The Annals of Pelor


Scene #01, The Light of Pelor

The 22nd to 24th Day of Ches in the Year of the Sudden Journey

Awakening from a restful sleep after their tiring journey to the ruined keep, and with no sign of the now missing Rindall, the heroes take time to search for answers closer to home by carrying out investigations in and around Blackengorge with varying results.

Tradden and Zero break into the Lowfield house on a hunch, but come away with nothing except some sharp new clothes for Zero, whose exertions see him take a nap in a patch of snowdrops. The rogue would later help Caldring within the earth-fire forge to spring open the devices to make protective stones for the town. Tradden carries on to Caldring’s to talk armour and sweet nothings, but arrives late back to the Council meeting having had a bunch of Pheasant’s Eye Daffodils and poetry thrust at him. Already depressed by foliage attack and unresponsive elf smiths, Tradden’s day gets worse as although Altair’s Talon Aukan can identify the eagle totem Zero has been carrying, a prick on his finger from a nasty vine at the stone circle causes hallucinations, unconsciousness and nearly death for the fighter.

The newly invigorated Khalin gets the lay of the land, learns of tieflings, dragonborn, and goliaths. Checking on the recently rescued wanderers, a delirious Gilmorril rambles about horns, and the tale of Lee-da-Gaar and the Bloodreavers is told by the monk himself, who also goes on to astound Khalin by describing the ancient Battle of The Gorge Wall where King Elidyr fought his doomed last stand against the ‘Ruler of Ruin’ who crushed the ‘Flame Imperishable’ once the ‘Last Legion’ had fled, with the tantalising prospect of further records still intact at the monk’s dragon-overrun temple. The warlord finds a new dwarven friend in the old, tattooed dwarf, Borik.

Kireth gets up to whatever secretive things Kireth does, including persuading the reticent scribe Beltak to join them on their likely forthcoming trip. Even the mage is mystified when he awakes to find a single hyacinth on his pillow.

Scene #02, Wagons Roll! and Scene #03, The Pineforest Ruin

The 25th to 26th Day of Ches in the Year of the Sudden Journey

With an optimistic set of tasks from the Blackengorge Town Council, the heroes set forth east, bound for the Nentir Vale. Now travelling in a convoy comprising of the heroes, Altair’s Talons, and a wagon named Amud Rur (‘Rolling Thunder’) pulled by two oxen, their progress over the still mostly intact cobbles of the Old Road is swift. Kireth maintains a stiff upper lip when, two dozen leagues from the western edge of the Vale, by the Gorge Wall Gate, he spots a great shadow, blotting out the night stars as it moves south with apparent purpose.

Progress remains steady and the convoy starts to discover remnants of yesteryear. Firstly a long-destroyed building, perhaps an inn, reveals an oddly intact standing stone within which a magical drawer yields a few coins, some delicately carved stones and oddest of all a snowdrop that desiccates at even Zero’s feather touch. Next, Tradden and Zero scout an intact building which shows signs of a recent fight. As Kireth, Khalin and the scribe Beltak join the two humans the building is once again beset with combatants as the bodies of dead humans and gnolls rise up against the heroes, triggered by the effects of a strange, ornate orb keyed to a mysterious undead being of great power that almost overcomes the group, only beaten back after a mighty struggle.

Scene #04, The Great Planes

The 26th to 28th Day of Ches in the Year of the Sudden Journey

The bruised and battered heroes nearly make it three battles in one day after stumbling back to camp only to find the Talons nearly mistaking them for an enemy force. The tiefling Sorrow sings the ensemble almost to sleep before the morning brings a new problem, a deadfall tree in the middle of the road which suggests a deliberate felling. Kireth’s magics make short work of it (literally) and the group start to investigate a leather strap found entangled in the roots before being hurried on their way by the howl of wolves!

Another ruin provides shelter for the night and a significant wolf attack is held at bay by Kireth’s growing magical defences until mysterious horns in the distance seem to cause the wolves to break off and scurry to the north.

In the morning the path continues to wind east but the convoy finds the way blocked again, this time by giant spiders webs. Tradden and Rangrim scout and find out the truth — no spider did this. Orcs — it’s a trap!


Book One, Chapter Ten
The Mouth of the Sleeper


Scene #01, March of Stone

The 30th Day of Ches in the Year of the Sudden Journey